This past weekend, Lady Gaga performed at the One America Appeal fundraiser to raise money for the victims of recent hurricanes. While at the event, Gaga was able to snag a pic with five former presidents including, Barack Obama, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton.  Since the picture was posted, it […]

You know things are bad when the nation is excited to hear George W. Bush speak. On Thursday while speaking at the Bush Institute’s Spirit of Liberty event in New York, the former POTUS did sort of an old school diss to Donald Trump by calling out his shortcomings without ever mentioning the words “Donald Trump.” […]

The beloved founder of brought the Internet more than just ratchet viral videos.

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  As expected, celebrities who were involved in Kanye West’s “Famous” visual are starting to speaking up. Chris Brown and George W. Bush seem to be taking it in stride, but all eyes are really on Taylor Swift to see how she will react. While Swift, who has been infamously involved with West’s antics for […]

When the president that Kanye West once quipped “doesn’t care about black people” joins the movement of people calling foul in the grand jury decision not to indict the officer who choked a black New York man to death, you know times have changed. Former president George W. Bush spoke out about Eric Garner, the […]

Thursday night, former President George W. Bush attended an event for the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, and made a speech in front of hundreds of people. While taking the podium, he talked about being in the library of Lyndon B. Johnson, but then made a dirty joke that raised some eyebrows. Overall, the joke did […]

A man has been arrested after he was found sitting in his car armed with a machete, rifle, and a container of gasoline that he was planning on using in order to kill President George W. Bush. According to NBC, the 44-year-old man, named Benjamin Smith, intended to try and hurt or kill Bush because […]