Miracles do happen. A 13-year-old boy, who was reported missing approximately four years ago following a visit to his father’s home in Florida, was found behind a fake wall in an Atlanta home. CNN reports: Clayton County police arrested the boy’s father, Gregory Jean, 37, and stepmother, Samantha Joy Davis, 42, and charged them with false imprisonment, […]

Houston Rockets basketball player Dwight Howard is under criminal investigation for alleged child abuse in Georgia. Center Dwight Howard is now undergoing an active criminal investigation for beating his 6-year-old son, Braylon, with a belt back in August. Howard was initially cleared of the allegations but things turned sour on Monday when the Cobb County Georgia […]

Right when you think Uber is back to serving its customers the right way, another incident has popped up with the car-sharing franchise. According to the AJC, Atlanta police are looking into an incident that involved an Uber driver pulling a gun out on a valet worker while waiting for a customer in the city. Channel […]

Today’s batch of racism news comes from the Dirty South. Surprising… Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members were scrutinized for pinning flyers to cars in Atlanta, while two Florida officers were fired over their affiliation with the organization. Read on for more. Flyer-Gate  Miles Keenlyside of Atlanta, Georgia was surprised to see a flyer on his car courtesy […]

A man from Newnan, Georgia was blown out of his boots while doing some chores in his backyard. According to CBS 46, Sean O’Connor was raking leaves in his yard on a relatively sunny Saturday when he was struck by lighting in his right foot. The man says that he wasn’t aware of any storms coming, but […]

A Georgia teen is recovering from reconstructive surgery after a senseless act of violence in the boy’s locker room. According to the Daily Mail, 16-year-old David Egan was about to leave a weightlifting class at Parkview High School in Gwinnett County, when he was sucker punched by another student for allegedly stealing a pair of sneakers. […]

If you ever wanted to flip a table, the time would be now. Atlanta man Darrious Mathis was convicted of rape Tuesday after using his so-called “good looks” as a defense. According to the AJC, the 23-year-old sexually assaulted a pharmacy worker in 2011. After kidnapping her from her job, Mathis raped her and then made her […]

Careful planning and skill went into saving one of the world’s most dangerous species this week. According to IBT, a group of biologists in Jacksonville, Fla. helped free a 4-year old endangered whale that had close to 300 feet of fishing rope caught in it’s mouth. Biologists from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and […]

Oh, Georgia. When will you learn? The Peach State has just approved a new license plate that features the Confederate flag. The flag has always been controversial: critics say it’s a symbol of racism, while defenders claim they’re just honoring their southern heritage. (Kanye West just thinks it looks cool on clothes). Maynard Eaton, a spokesman […]

Kendrick Johnson’s family has hit another roadblock in their efforts to find out the truth about his mysterious murder.  According to reports GA. courts have determined that although it wasn’t the “best practice,” the South Georgia funeral home didn’t technically do anything wrong or illegal when they stuffed Kendrick Johnson’s body with newspaper. The family of […]

The family of Jasmine Benjamin can now rest as her ex- boyfriend Darien Meheux was sentence to life in prison for her murder. Jasmine Benjamin, 18, a student at Valdosta State University was found dead in her dorm’s study room in Nov 2012. What was worse about the family’s loss was how they find out-via […]