When the crowd gets big 'cause you got the fire moves.

She also plays piano and trumpet and hopes to help women as a gynecologist one day.

The iconic singer performs a move from a popular West African video.

If you don’t have folks uplifting you at the start of the week, it might be time to find some new friends. New York City squads MOB, SHAKENATION, and the W.A.F.F.L.E crew know what’s up. If you got the moves, then it’s nothing but love.   #CareerGoals Swipe through for some more dancers, and their […]

On March 6, 1957, Ghana made history. They became the first sub-Saharan African country to gain independence, freeing themselves from British rule. On a day of celebration for Ghanaians across the world, we show love to a dance challenge that was launched by Instagram user @incrediblezigi. It’s called “pilolo” and it’s already making waves across […]

On this day in 1957, the people of Ghana liberated themselves.

If you thought you had your moves ready for the club this weekend, one Ghanaian student will make you go back to the drawing board. The party seems to never stop for SKY girls — a network of teens across Ghana. Being true to yourself is one of their main principles, and it seems like […]

The flags of Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia and New Jersey are all on the map for this limited global release.

The New York real estate mogul has not minced words on his thoughts about Mexicans, Blacks, and Muslims, leaving doubts about his campaign slogan to make "America Great Again." Does he mean returning the nation to plantation owners and slaves? Does he mean getting the, uh, African-American family out of the White House?

While some of us have understandable reservations about going anywhere near a corpse, a young man from Ghana recently claimed he has had sex with several dead people…all in the name of work. While on live television, mortuary worker Sharkur Lucas recently revealed that he was required to sleep with the dead as part of his employee training. […]