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World renowned female graffiti artist CLAWMONEY, aka Claudia Gold, will be having her first exhibit of the new year at bOb Bar in New York City. The “Duets” exhibit will feature 10 other artists, all of whom have collaborated with CLAWMONEY on individual pieces set to be put on display throughout the venue. PHOTOS: CLAW […]

We don’t always get a chance to see a collection transition from the creative process all the way to the fashion show, however for Kenzo’s Fall/Winter 2013 season of menswear, we get to do just that. Creative directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim are featured in the latest video for the Parisian brand and we […]

Your average selvedge jeans may be a stiff, almost uncomfortable piece of denim, but Parke selvedge jeans are far from your average. Parke founder Solomon Liou partnered with local craftsmen in New York, who have worked with some of the world’s best brands. After a year of development with over a dozen prototypes, he was […]

We’ve all heard the story. You were checking your phone in the bathroom and it fell into the sink or even worse, the toilet. Maybe you got a bit overzealous and forgot that your phone was in your pants when you jumped into the pool or ocean. The normal outcome is that your phone is […]

The Porsche has always been a prestigious vehicle that easily stands out from the other cars on the road. Since the 911 became the go-to car of wealthy playboys all over the world, Porsche, like other manufacturers, have tried to update the car yearly to go along with the changing times and technology. PHOTOS: That’s […]

It feels like Fred Perry has been celebrating their 60th Anniversary forever, but can you blame them? It’s not every day that a company makes it to their 60th anniversary. In celebration, Fred Perry has compiled a list of its 60 most loyal designers, musicians and sports people who have been sent a reproduction of […]

The worlds of fashion and art have forever been closely intertwined.  Brands from Louis Vuitton to Stussy have worked with a wide range of artists to help with their promotions or even assist with the designing of a capsule collection for the brand.  And although high fashion may not go the “artist collaboration” route as […]

Sometimes the fashion world can take itself a bit too seriously.  So Canadian-based artist Francis Phommisai has made a point out of injecting a bit of lightheartedness into high fashion by incorporating Pokemon. That’s right – your favorite Japanese anime about fictional feuding characters now have a place in Prada advertisements and the pages of […]

To many die-hard fans of Polo by Ralph Lauren, sometimes referred to as “Lo-Heads,” the Polo Bear is as good a classic as it gets. To those who’ve followed the brand for a while, you know that the only way to currently get a sweater with the stylish bear rocking Ralph Lauren from head to […]

Michael K. Williams may be best known for his roles on the HBO hit series The Wire and Boardwalk Empire.  And although his Boardwalk character Chalky White has a uniform consisting of suits suitable for that time period, the 2012 Michael K. Williams has had to develop his personal style over time. VIDEO: Michael K. Williams […]

It was once said that “Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal” but at what point does borrowing just become outright stealing? The new trend seems to be an entire new wave of things that are “inspired” by other (usually higher priced) items, but in some cases it seems like the person who has been inspired […]

You may be very familiar with LeBron James on the court. You may even feel like you know him after numerous interviews and documentaries, but how well do you really know Bronny? Today, Champs Sports released their SWAG 16 video with LeBron James and we’re introduced to the real Miami Heat champion.  PHOTOS: Jay-Z & Beyonce Get […]