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As proprietors of what’s hot, we’ve been noticing a higher rate of specialty cans being released, mainly by Coca-Cola, to commemorate special events. PHOTOS: Coca-Cola Celebrates 125 Years Of Goodness With Jack Spade! The most recent one celebrates the release of the upcoming James Bond Skyfall movie. The can is wrapped in a familiar graphic […]

tAz Arnold is known for his outrageous style. He’s often dripping in name brand duds that most people save up to buy and he often wears them in a way to make himself stand out in a crowd. VIDEO: Taz Arnold & Dr. Romanelli Get Together For Their Native American, Cowboy & Ralph Lauren Inspired […]

Phillip Lim may have come up with one of the most interesting ways to promote his brand that we’ve ever seen.  For his Fall 2012 collection of 3.1 Phillip Lim items, the designer has gotten together with John Ostrander to co-write a comic book entitled “Kill The Night.” STORY: True Artists! Coldplay Set To Debut […]

Barbie has been around for quite some time now, so it’s only right that she begin to evolve a little, but by no means did we expect her to change into a drag queen!  PHOTOS: Barbie Loses All Of Her Hair For Cancer Mattel has announced plans to produce their first ever Drag Queen Barbie in […]

  Crane TV went out to Germany to check out the annual Designer Day at Adidas HQ. Victor Cruz “Touches Down” In The Pages Of GQ’s September Issue  The company gathers all of its designers from across the world to come together and bounce ideas off of one another. Some of the most creative minds […]

If you have a girlfriend, sister or even mother, there’s a good chance that one of them has had a daydream about Ryan Gosling.  If they’ve seen any of his movies in the past five years, then you’ll just have to accept them mooning over the guy with the rest of the female population, and […]

Sometimes rivalries just happen; sometimes you’re born with them. Whether it’s with your best friend or someone equally as talented from across the ocean, a rivalry can be mutually beneficial to both parties, forcing them to work harder, achieve more and always strive to be the best.  PHOTOS: That Girl Loves Her J’s! Rita Ora’s […]

KAWS is always coming out with new and really cool things. Whether it’s from his Original Fake clothing line, or new vinyl figurines, KAWS really knows how to keep his fans satisfied. His latest creation is cool for two reasons, the first being that it is yet another dissected companion and the second being that […]

Any fan of Porsche should be able to run naked through this warehouse just once! Serving as the holding area for all the vehicles being displayed at the Porsche Museum, the Porsche warehouse in Stuttgard, Germany is like a museum in and of itself.  VIDEO: Welcome To The Future! The Delorean’s First Test Drive Before […]

The new DeLorean may not take you into the future just yet, but it’s still pretty cool. The style hasn’t changed – possibly to preserve nostalgia – but’s what’s under the hood definitely has. The updated electric version of the DMC-12 DeLorean is any Back To The Future fan’s dream, but is equally amazing to […]

The Olympic Games are slowly wrapping up and we witnessed quite a lot of momentous and legendary events we’ll talk about for years to come. We saw the US bring home gold medals in just about everything, we saw Usain Bolt kill the competition and Gabby Douglas become a role model to young women everywhere. […]

British fashion magazine i-D keeps it young and fresh with their “The Just Kids” issue and commissioned none other than Terry Richardson to shoot the playful set of covers. PHOTOS: Terry Richardson Models in Suits & Sucks Fingers for David Webb’s Fall 2012 Campaign! The famed photographer shot three of fashion’s newest faces for the mag’s different covers, and […]