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Yesterday we got to go check out all the cool streetwear dopeness that was taking place at the Agenda NYC trade show! For those of you who don’t know, Agenda:NYC is a place where buyers from stores all over can come and check out the upcoming season of over 130 different brands and sit down […]

The private dining room at The Modern will be bringing a fashion twist to its Manhattan building this Wednesday. PHOTOS: Jessica Alba & Jennifer Hudson Pair Up For SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS! Swarovski Elements, along with stylist Kate Young, have put together a presentation that will feature Swarovski’s finest jewels paired with fashion’s best names. It will […]

Say goodbye to your Nexux 7 and Kindle Fire, the new mini tablet to be the next big thing will be the iPad mini. According to a New York Times report, the iPad mini will cost much less than its $499, normal-sized counterpart.A Bloomberg report stated that Apple will launch the mini iPad this October. […]

What if the city of Los Angeles wasn’t a city at all? What if every back alley and front street made up an actual man? What if the personality that made the city what it is, was the personality of an actual person? Well, Louis Vuitton beat us to that line of questioning. PHOTOS: Louis Vuitton […]

Get ready for some more Olympic apparel! Pharrell Falls Into The Gap For Hong Kong Ad Campaign (PHOTOS) Gap has released some very classic tees that would have people thinking you got them out your parent’s closet. The shirts are throw backs from the classic tees sold during past Olympics. The shirts have the classic […]

One big gallery, full of couture fashion! Paris Fashion Week: KimYe Graces Stephane Rolland Show With Their Presence!  Even though you got your dose of Paris’ Couture Fashion Week, you still haven’t seen what really happens behind the scenes. Photographer Kevin Tachman shared some great shots of what really goes down with fashion bible Vogue. […]

We have all seen time-lapse videos, and whether the lapse took place over a few hours or a few days, the one thing they all have in common is the condensation of a large amount of time into a short video.  Well, how would it look if a man’s entire life got condensed into a […]

Welcome to another installment of Tuesdays at the Cool Table with me, Cool Table Jay.  I haven’t posted for you guys in awhile, but it gave me a chance to find some really cool things for everyone to check out this time around. As usual, there are things on my list that I appreciate but […]

Twin designers Dee & Ricky are at the Bread & Butter trade show in Berlin this week to promote their upcoming collaborative effort with PONY. PHOTOS: Dee & Ricky Release The Craziest BMX We’ve Ever Seen! Although this is not the first time that Dee & Ricky have collaborated with PONY, this time around they […]

If you’ve never heard of Marcelo Burlon, you may not be the only one. But this jack-of-all trades is certainly lighting up Italian fashion circles. His work ranges from styling to photography, clubbing to art direction. Chances are, if there’s a high-energy fashion show happening, look up and you may see Marcelo in the DJ […]

We’re sure 2Chainz already saw this, since he let us all know that he’s been online trying to figure out “when they gonna make that Bentley truck” in his verse on Young Jeezy’s “Supafreak.” However for the rest of us, the latest video from Bentley is a delightful surprise. PHOTOS: Introducing the New Bentley EXF 9 […]

Hold on to your heels ladies, Jimmy Choo just released their new ad campaign spread! Jennifer Lawrence Bares Her Bust With Jimmy Choo “ThreePeat” In NYC  The major shoe brand decided to take their talents to the back seat of a Phantom. The theme invokes early ’60s paired with glam rock and roll. Black and […]