Tel Aviv is the second most populous city in Israel, so it was only right that when Google decided to open an office in Israel, they would put it where the “action” is. The newest Google office boasts 8 whole floors of space and you can guarantee it’s not all for work. A gym, restaurants, […]

Google seems to have so many offices and all of them are cooler than whatever office you work at! We previously showed one in Beverly Hills and their campus in London, however this time around, Google has put their London headquarters on display for us. Designed by Penson, the space contains indoor and outdoor workplaces, […]

Google Glasses, aka Project Glass, may just revolutionize the way that we share images with our friends. Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish that I could have video taped that” after seeing something that suddenly happened? With the flip of a switch, or even a head movement, you will be able to do […]

Google made waves a little while back when they purchased YouTube in 2006. The free video sharing website is used by millions of people on a daily basis, so naturally, it takes quite a large amount of people to run the actual website. WORK SPACES: Inside Google’s London Campus For New Technology Start-Ups Normally when […]

Digitimes, the often unreliable source for gadget scoops, is reporting that Google will take on the Amazon Kindle in the ongoing tablet Armageddon. STORY: Kindle Fire Tablet Just Another Killer On The Loose! The Taiwanese site claims that the Google-made tablet will outsell and undercut Amazon’s already affordable $199 Kindle Fire with an even lower price. […]

      In today’s iGRIND, we have a few cool updates to things you may already have. First up, we have a webcam that takes pictures and video in HD. There’s also a hand engraved media player that probably outputs better sound than your iPod, giving a vintage look with a not so vintage […]

 Check out GlobalGrind’s daily dose of what’s new, cool and crazy in the world of technology: What: Google OS lapstop Made By: Google What It Does: Allows people in need of a compter to buy one easily.  Price: $20/month Google has announced today that for $20 a month, they will allow students to own a […]

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that Apple doesn’t track iPhone or iPad users. In a statement released yesterday, Jobs said via email: “We don’t track anyone. The info circulating around is false.” The question was posed by a MacRumors reader who was concerned about the Cupertino based company’s methods. “It’s kind of unnerving,” the reader wrote, […]