J Cole Any Given Sunday 1 Cole World New EP

J. Cole, rapper and Dunkin’ Donuts advocate, has just put out his newest EP titled Any Given Sunday #1. In anticipation of his upcoming album, scheduled for released on September 27th, Cole promised fans that he will release a little something, maybe a new song or video, every Sunday until the album drops. VIDEO: J.COLE […]


Mother of Dane Freeman looked at the video I Love My LIFE Team did of her son with total unbelief. Her baby boy a mere figure under a white sheet…….Blood shinning bright like it was yesterday the Pain it CUT like a knife. A mother torn apart, she cried for 2 days not believing he […]

If you are in NYC, join Russell and many other stars tonight in Harlem to strike out the violence!


Dear My Friend, Mayor Bloomberg,     In the summertime, as a child, I used to play in the streets of Hollis, Queens.  As we played, there were always kids hanging out on the corner.  Most of those kids that stood on that street corner of Hollis and 205th either died or went to jail.  So, […]