Will the gaudy designer jeans be resurrected by the new generation?

The designer Thibaut put a new twist to jeans at Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo and it’s definitely stirring some conversation. Everyone check out the thong jeans. Yes, they are jeans with pretty much everything cut out but the seems. Yes, they are jeans trying to pass off as thongs. Twitter had thoughts. The jeans […]

Khloe Kardashian has bounced back from her cancelled talk show to announce a new venture. The reality star will be launching her very own denim brand, The GA Project, with the mission of promoting body positivity through “embracing the body you were given.” It’s no secret that Khloe has struggled with body image issues. Since […]

Right now, most of the leaders of the new cool hail from famous families. And if there’s one thing Topshop is really good at, it’s plucking the coolest girls for their campaigns. The latest is Hailey Baldwin, daughter of Steven Baldwin and BFF of Kendall Jenner. This is the first big brand gig the 18-year-old model has landed, […]