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On the heels of President Barack Obama‘s talk with the families of Newtown about his proposed gun-control legislation plans yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) said that he would look to bring new gun-control legislation to a vote as early as Thursday. PHOTOS: Master Plan! Connecticut Will Finally Pass Strict Gun Laws After Sandy Hook […]

Did you see this photo this morning? If not, you’re missing out. During Pope Francis’ inaugural ceremony most people were focused on, well, the Pope. But our main man Joe Biden was too busy looking like 007 to be impressed by the petty Pope. Instead, he rocked his Ray Bans, crossed his arms and stared […]

This man never disappoints. PHOTO: She’s So Sophisticated! White House Releases New Official Portrait Of First Lady Michelle Obama!  The new official portrait of Vice President Joe Biden has just been released and he’s a total dapper don in it! On Monday, the White House released the photograph that was taken by Biden’s photographer, David Lienemann […]

Crazy Joe isn’t taking no for an answer. On Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden urged House Democrats not to fear gun-control legislation that may appear politically risky or impossible, arguing that public opinion has changed dramatically since the first assault weapons ban was passed in 1994. DETAILS: Say What?! Joe Biden Might Run For President In […]

It already looks like the presidential race for 2016 will have more drama than an episode of Love & Hip-Hop: New York!  DETAILS: Say What?! Joe Biden Might Run For President In 2016!  After news that Vice President Joe Biden is considering running for the coveted presidential seat following Obama’s last term, a new poll shows […]

Vice President Joe Biden is discussing the White House plan to combat gun violence in Google Hangout. Listen in to the live conversation to learn about what measures will be taken to reduce gun violence in America. SOURCE: White House   JOIN THE LIVE CHATVISIT WHITEHOUSE.GOV

Watch out Hillary Clinton! Everyone’s favorite slightly quirky Vice President may be gearing up to take Barack Obama’s seat in four years. BLOG: Why Obama’s Inauguration Speech Is The Single Most Important Speech Of Our Time! Talks about Vice President Joe Biden laying the groundwork for a campaign in 2016 are heating up. Throughout the inauguration, […]

It’s going to be a historic day for America. President Obama arrived to St. John’s Church in Washington D.C. this morning with Michelle, Sasha and Malia in tow, hours before he is set to be sworn into office for a second term. While the Obamas headed to church, hundreds of thousands of men, women and […]

After the National Rifle Association released a statement about their meeting with the Vice President yesterday, calling it disappointing, Joe Biden is now saying that the meetings were productive. PHOTOS: NRA Releases Statement Regarding White House Task Force Meeting!  “I thought we had a very straightforward, productive meeting,” Biden said when asked by reporters about his […]

Both Vice President Joe Biden and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will continue the battle on gun-control this week with talks about gun safety and how Hollywood, video games, mental health and sportsmen’s groups might influence gun law changes. VIDEO: Tell ‘Em Like It Is! Chris Christie BLASTS House Speaker John Boehner Over Sandy Relief […]

In a press conference on Wednesday, President Barack Obama announced that the task force on gun violence, headed by Vice President Joe Biden, will need to prepare concrete proposals on gun-control “no later than January.”  DETAILS: The Time Is Now! Obama Supports Assault Rifle Ban With the public pushing for stricter gun regulations in the […]

No, it’s not #ThrowbackThursday, but we couldn’t help but share this awesome blast from the past of then-Senator Joe Biden being featured on PBS’ Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? STORY: Tragedy! Man Dies After Predicting His Demise Due To Obama’s Election  Many of us grew up on the popular kids TV game show, […]