After his risque performance at the American Music Awards this weekend with Lady Gaga, R. Kelly didn’t hesitate to have a drink, or two, and discuss his performance partner. Kelly was headed to the Bootsy Bellows AMA after party and stopped to talk to TMZ about what he thought of the awards show and how […]

Kelly Rowland has confirmed the sex of Beyonce’s baby once again! STORY: Beyonce Starts Making Adjustments For Baby Carter! Well, I think it is safe to say that we are 99.85 (leaving a slight margin of error) sure that Beyonce is going to have a baby girl. Kelly Rowland has accidentally confirmed once again that […]

Twitter beef is all the rage among the artists of today. Many celebs have been using it to hash out their issues with fellow artists. “Sure Thing” singer Miguel sparked Twitter beef flames when he tweeted that “imitation was the highest form of flattery” in reference to songbird Lloyd‘s new tattoo on the back of his head. PHOTOS: […]


The big payback, at least that’s what Rush ‘The Penguin’ Limbaugh would have you believe. In his latest right wing rant, the hefty radio show host had this to say about race and his number #1 target, Barack Obama; ‘Well, you know, those people suffered the indignity of slavery, discrimination, segregation and so forth.’ He said […]


Soulja Boy has it right when he writes that ‘money fcks you up.’  We’ve learned that lesson from this current crisis where greedy folks pursued money without any concern for anyone but themselves.  How do you explain people like Bernie Madoff and even small-scale schemers that game more than just the system, but also the […]

The most powerful and important book I’ve ever read was one I’d never even heard of until I got it free at this wonderful website: Go get your own and see what YOU think!   From your friends at… Militainment Crazy Raw Radio! 


Would you agree that there is a correlation between the increases in domestic violence as the economy tanks? No doubt news of the Grammy-award night incident between performers Chris Brown and Rihanna has crossed your view – that is unless you’re living under a rock, and that’s a real possibility these days with all the […]

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