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Soulja Boy has it right when he writes that ‘money fcks you up.’  We’ve learned that lesson from this current crisis where greedy folks pursued money without any concern for anyone but themselves.  How do you explain people like Bernie Madoff and even small-scale schemers that game more than just the system, but also the social fabric that holds our nation together?  A fabric woven with trust and community, which makes it possible to get a hand up and not a hand out.

Let me back up a second, since Soulja Boy’s comments really got me going and a bit ahead of myself.  I think this is all about our priorities, personally and collectively.  Our generation ‘shows that ambition, dedication and, above all, concern for social welfare are alive and well among millennials–especially among young women.’

@UNCLERUSH and @globalgrind are doing their part, too, spreading our shared vision of unleashing the talent and ambition of this generation.  80 Million Strong is a coalition of youth organizations and we‘re seeking ideas to help create jobs for young Americans.  21st century jobs that fit the demands of a changing economy, which is more focused on renewable energy, entrepreneurship and technology.  We believe it’s high time for us to own and direct our destiny.  We voted in record numbers in the last election, a historic one for the ages.  We have a president that is calling us to act, as citizens, to get to work.  And some of that work is telling our elected leaders what ideas we have to help solve this crisis.  The lawmakers can’t make laws that fit our situation if we don’t tell them first about what our situation is like.  They’re politicians, not psychics.  We need to voice our concerns; it will be strong voice with all 80 million of us, the size of our generation.

We’re worse off in this recession.  The youth unemployment rate is nearly 18 percent–that’s twice the national average.  In places like Washington, DC, where I live, it’s even higher–23 percent.  OK, enough of the statistics.  How many of you have seen older workers trying to get the same job you’re after?  Got student debt or an unpaid internship?  Want more vocational and hands-on training in high school?  These are the kinds of issues I hear about directly from young people when I lead workshops on community organizing.  What’s your story? Share it with us on Twitter – @80MS, or drop a comment on this space.  Peace and blessings – @_kbm.