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The Love Is Blind reunion aired on Netflix today and it was worth the wait. If you haven’t watched, 15 men dated 15 women on the viral dating show without ever seeing each other. Potential couples only met if they decided to get engaged and committed to an expedited wedding. As you can imagine, it was a wild ride. Now, over a year later, the cast got back together to discuss filming and what it was like to actually see it all play out on television.

As we previously reported, Amber called Jessica “sheisty” during the special. Jessica, who was unhappily engaged to her second choice Mark, was so very clearly trying to steal Amber’s man Barnett throughout filming. Jessica spent quite a lot of time expressing remorse for her actions and even apologized to Amber and Barnett for being, well, sheisty.

It was also interesting to see former fiancés Kelly and Kenny. In the end Kelly said “no” to marriage… still, Kenny showed up to the reunion in great spirits and even revealed he’s got a new, awesome girlfriend. Kelly, unfortunately, looked full of regret.

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Not surprisingly, Damien and Giannina are still dating and Cameron and Lauren are blissfully in love. Most importantly, Diamond and Carlton got a chance to discuss the explosive argument that went down after Carlton revealed he identifies as bisexual. Carlton got down on one knee and sincerely apologized to Diamond for becoming defensive and disrespectful when she tried to hash things out.

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