Love Is Blind, Lauren Speed

Source: Courtesy of Netflix

If you’ve been tuned in to Love Is Blind, Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton are undoubtedly your favorite, unproblematic couple. If they aren’t, we’re definitely judging you. Lauren is a beautiful, Black woman who seems to have mastered the art of giving it to you straight with a hint of charm. Her husband Cameron, (we’re holding out hope that they went on to get married), is an emotional king who’s ready to take on the challenges that come with being an interracial couple in today’s society. They’ve been so sweet and real from the very beginning, while all the other couples seem to have, um, let’s just say they have a lot going on.

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The finale for the exciting dating show drops tomorrow and if you haven’t watched just yet, we suggest you binge the show right now before the final episodes air. Love Is Blind follows 15 men and 15 women who date without ever seeing each other. If they find someone they think they have a connection with, they have the option of getting engaged and meeting the person they were speaking to the entire time. Five of the engaged couples are then sent to Mexico and placed in their own apartments ahead of their expedited weddings, in a social experiment that tests whether or not love is really blind?

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So far, Lauren and Cameron seemed to have prove that it is — but also, to be honest, they kind of lucked out because they’re both pretty damn gorgeous to look at. Check out more photos of Lauren below… she’s what us ’90s babies would call “all that and a bag of chips.”

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