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The White House has announced that U.S official Janet Napolitano and two LGBT athletes Billie Jean King and Caitlin Cahow will represent the U.S at the Winter Olympics in Soci, Russia. President Barack Obama and Joe Biden won’t take part in the delegation, with Russia’s anti-LGBT laws being the biggest reason. [BuzzFeed] The U.S. is pleading with citizens of […]

Respect, inclusion and acceptance are all beautiful things, especially when they’re coming from an industry commonly known for being less than inclusive when it comes to alternative sexual orientations.  But a tide of change is rolling in. The NFLPA has released a line of “LGBT Vintage Pride” shirts to benefit the Athlete Ally organization and it […]

President Obama said change was near, and change is here! DETAILS: A Little Positivity: New Zealand Passes Gay Marriage Bill  The Boy Scouts of America are finally on the road to ending the ban on gay and lesbian members. The ban has been the topic of discussion for several months but change is near. Ending […]

Football and politics.  Super Bowl champ Brendon Ayanbadejo was released from the Baltimore Ravens yesterday after being with the organization for five years. Last night he attended the Straight for Equality Gala in NYC where he spoke with Newsday on his release, but his words got a little misconstrued. Newsday reported: Ayanbadejo’s contract was terminated by […]

Imagine having to use the bathroom, but not knowing which one to walk into?  POLL: Changing The Game! Transgender MMA Fighter Fallon Fox Wants To Fight Women  The role of transgender persons in today’s society is a debate that seems never ending. However, an Oregon high school has made it very clear that they support […]

When we are kids, we dream of being doctors, lawyers, astronauts, politicians, and writers. Most of us don’t dream about becoming the opposite sex.  Gender identity isn’t usually something we think about or even consider having a “choice” in.  So when I first heard the story of Coy Mathis, a 6-year-old transgender girl, I couldn’t […]