lil uzi In the celebrity world, it’s more bizarre to have a classic tattoo than it is to have an abnormal, extraordinary one. Take Uzi’s new face tatt for example. Check out these other celebs and their crazy and cool tattoos in the gallery below.

Blocboy JB has started something with his outrageously lit dance moves. Now everyone wants to be as lit as the Memphis emcee was in his “Look Alive” video featuring Drake. Even Lil Uzi tried to use Blocboy’s signature dance move against him:   Blocboy and his boys were so lit in the video that it […]

19-year old Julien Turner got more than he bargained for when turning in his extra credit assignment. The Morehouse student has gone viral with a rap video he made for extra credit in his biology class, called “XY Cell Life” — a spoof of Lil Uzi‘s song “XO TourLlif3.”     If Turner doesn’t get […]

New year, new blood, new music, and new artists to watch.

Young Thug and Lil Uzi set it off in their new "Big Racks" video.