Many of our celebrity favorites like Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid are joining the trend and welcoming a new plant-based lifestyle. Here's a list of celebrities who are going into the new year with a brand new outlook on health and wellness. 

Happy Birthday Melissa Viviane Jefferson! Stay Happy. Stay Beautiful. Stay You.

After most award shows, it’s pretty common for the media and critics to break down some of the best and worst looks of the night. But often times, those lists are usually full of women — and they may mention one male celeb if his ensemble stood out enough. However, for this year’s  Image Awards, […]

Just a few days before the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, some (not so) shocking, behind the scenes tea has been spilt by the organization’s former chief executive. Deborah Dugan, who was placed on administrative leave last week, claims the nominating process for the music industry ceremony is “rigged” and clouded by conflicts of interest. Ever […]

Artists are often criticized for being outspoken about their disappointment when it comes to losing awards, or not being acknowledged for all the hard work they put it. But let’s be honest, even folks with regular 9 to 5 jobs deserve to be respected and to feel appreciated for their work. After Sunday night’s Soul […]

Just when you thought President Obama couldn’t get any cooler, he does. Summer’s almost over but the former Head Of State dropped his 2019 Summer Playlist, and it further proves he’s still the coolest guy on the planet. Lizzo‘s “Juice” made it to number six on the list and the “Truth Hurts” singer couldn’t be […]

The Lorene Scafaria-directed film follows professional dancers as they scam their Wall Street clients out of all their coin.