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Ever since she turned 18, Kendall Jenner‘s made quite a few changes in her life. For one, she no longer uses her last name; it’s just Kendall, if you haven’t heard. And also, bras – and pretty much any garment that covers her breasts – have become a thing of the past. For the most […]

Kendall Jenner is clearly having a break-out year. The Kardashian star has made gigantic strides in stepping out of the shadows of her older sisters. Not only has the young model landed major fashion magazine covers, but she has also ripped the runways at major designer shows. In the latest news in keeping up with […]

We spy with our little eye: a makeup-free Kardashian. On occasion, we can spot Kim K. on her way home from the gym chillin’ with no makeup on, but it’s rare that the glamour girl uploads a completely au naturale photo of herself to the ‘Gram. In the new selfie-gone-viral, Kim celebrates her little sister Kendall […]

It’s hard out here for a Kardashian. Yeah, we heard you scoff from all the way behind your computer screen just now. According to Kendall Jenner, it really is, though. But she isn’t really a Kardashian—she’s a Jenner, someone in a comment section somewhere will cry out. That’s really a tomato-tomato thing here. Sure, the model of the […]

It seems as though all of Kendall Jenner’s stars are aligned this year as she continues to do big things for her modeling career. Following her couture catwalk debut earlier this month, the 18-year-old beauty wows us once again as she covers LOVE Magazine. Inside the issue, Kendall is featured in a black and white […]

Kendall Jenner might be the second youngest of the Kardashian klan, but she’s proven that age is nothing but a number. Not only has the reality star rocked the red carpets and hosted huge award ceremonies, she’s also made a name for herself in the fashion world. Her latest modeling gig for Love magazine is definitely proof. For […]

From red carpets and fashion shows, to magazine covers and Givenchy ads, the year of Kendall Jenner continues: this time on the cover of LOVE Magazine. Katie Grand, who edits LOVE Magazine, previously spoke about Kendall being a “pleasure” to work with. And after the week they spent together back in February, during which Katie cast […]

We are knee-deep in a Miley Cyrus moment – there’s no denying it – but with much fame comes much shade, apparently. First, Miley was accused of saying some pretty not nice things about Beyonce in her LOVE Magazine interview, which turned out to be made up, and now that the issue is finally over, […]

Apparently, someone tried to Punk Love Magazine yesterday. The publication “released” an interview where Miley Cyrus throws shade Beyonce, saying the Queen is outdated, and subsequently insults Bey’s infamous body. After Miley went OFF, claiming those quotes was entirely fiction – the mag is standing by their February cover girl. Love magazine tweeted: @MileyCyrus never said anything […]

Miley Cyrus is putting her foot down. According to her recent tweets, she’s fine with media causing drama as long as they don’t mess up her relationship with Beyonce! Earlier today, Love magazine revealed the “Wrecking Ball” singer thinks she’s better than Beyonce as she is the total package and Bey is outdated. Now, Miley is […]

Argue it all you want, but it is absolute fact 2013 has been the year of Miley Cyrus. From good press and bad press from best dressed to worst dressed, Miley has dominated. So what better way to close it all off than with a shaved head and yet another magazine cover. The tounge-wagging Miley has […]

Kate Moss is no stranger to being naked.  As a matter of fact, some of Kate’s most memorable photographs feature her in the nude or semi-nude at most, but this one is a little different. No, she is not modeling jewelry or something trivial like socks or hats, Kate is simply bare for the sake […]