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If Kim Kardashian intended to #breaktheinternet by taking off her clothes for PAPER magazine, her next move might only cause a small dent or chip off a little paint.

Just in case you didn’t get a good enough look at Kim in her birthday suit, rumor has it you’ll have another chance, this time for LOVE magazine. On the cover of the February issue, North West’s mom dons vintage Prada, but inside her thirty-page spread, she sheds it all for photographer Steven Klein who, according to Page Six, made her look “balloony, like a Jeff Koons sculpture.”

The LOVE spread was reportedly shot before Kim’s PAPER one, so it isn’t exactly like dropping trou is her latest trend—although it might become one.

“Kim’s camp is upset because it’s one nude after another,” says an insider. “Nobody wants her with clothes on anymore.”

It seems like neither Kim, nor Kanye, really has a problem with baring it all (and covering it in baby oil) anyway.


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