Hi guys! My name is Stephanie Pratt and you may know me from my role on MTV’s The Hills. During the last few years while I’ve been a part of this show I have had the chance to experience more than my fair share of both drama and the perks that come along with reality […]


People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has getting flack lately because nowadays many of their ads feature half naked celebrities in their birthday suits and some feel that it’s getting away from the message. They maybe right, because when PETA drops their new ad people want to see which celeb literally dropped everything […]

Stephanie Pratt is the latest celebrity to strip for Peta’s cause (PETA =People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Pratt – sister of Spencer and star of MTV’s The Hills – is the face of PETA’s new iphone application ‘Be Nice to Bunnies’, which aims to help consumers make purchases that don’t harm the welfare […]


 As he has done many times in the month of March, Gilbert Arenas took off his shirt in a building full of adoring fans. This time, though, he was simply changing into a T-shirt with the PETA logo, not removing his Washington Wizards jersey to toss into the crowd on the way to the locker […]


Ok, maybe that headline is harsh. Let me start by saying when it comes to animal rights, Russell Simmons is a hero. He knows that his voice and the message it carries reaches far and wide. He truly cares about animals, their suffering and ultimate liberation. He is also a yogi so he treads lightly […]

<p>Yet! again PETA Ad for super Bowl created controversy. NBC said PETA Ad is too sexy to present as a Television commercial. Apparently NBC has some problems</p>

<p><!– primary content –> <!– post –></p><h2 class="title"><a title="Permanent Link: Kanye &amp; Amber Are PETA&rsquo;s &ldquo;Ugliest Things&rdquo;" rel="bookmark" href=”https://globalgrind.com/outbound/article/blog.peta.org/&#8221;);" href=”https://globalgrind.com/outbound/article/en.wikipedia.org/&#8221;);" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_Falls_Down&quot; target="_blank">All Falls Down</a>&ldquo;</p></blockquote><p style="text-align: center;">West apparently lives by his lyrics. The ethical dropout&mdash;who horrified voters in&nbsp; PETA&rsquo;s Worst-Dressed Celebrity competition last year&mdash;and his sleazy sidekick, Amber Rose, were snapped by paparazzi strutting around Paris […]

<p>Last week Kanye &amp; Amber stepped out onto Paris&rsquo; Fashion week in All Fur Everything and just as we expected PETA went in on their a$$e$. They calls him an &ldquo;ethical dropout&rdquo; and his mainsqueeze as &ldquo;his sleaze sidekick&rdquo;. PETA&rsquo;s VP Dan Matthews goes on to say, &ldquo;Kanye can&rsquo;t help making himself look like an […]


<p>As America takes on a new decade, one PETA supporter takes it all off for animals in a memorable look at our work in 2009. Watch PETA’s State of the Union Undress now.</p>

<p>Kanye and Amber in Paris for Men&rsquo;s Fashion Week&hellip;.and while, yes I can imagine they&rsquo;ll be hearing from PETA like Kelis did&hellip;and I understand the concern for animal cruelty&hellip;I love a good&nbsp; fur too&hellip;.although I don&rsquo;t have the height to pull off a full length insulator like these two. But, I do really love how […]

    I’m betting that we will get an ALL CAPS blog from Yeezy after Peta attacks him and Amber for wearing fur, then throws paint on them.  FOR MORE PICS, CLICK HERE


Wow, I just read Kelis’ open letter to PETA and to be honest, its such BS I don’t even know where to start so let’s break it down one ignorant sentence at a time. She seems to like the word ‘rodent’- personally I have no issues with those little critters but if there’s a dirty pest here, it’s […]