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Have you ever gone through a down moment in your life? Sure you have. We all do at some point and time.

It’s not whether you get knocked down but rather if you choose to get back up. We all have that choice but some of us choose to stay down. We throw in the towel. We complain. We whine about how hard things are in life. We make excuses.

Whatever the reason, we don’t want to face the difficulty head on with faith, fearlessness, and fortitude. That’s the difference between winners and losers. 

Like you, I have watched Michael Vick bounce back from scrutiny, jail time, persecution, embarrassment, and even national abandonment. 

Many doubted he would still be able to play football at his pre-jail level. PETA has stayed on his case since the day he was convicted of dog fighting. In my opinion, his crucifixion was exaggerated and too extreme by those who only sought to make money off Vick in the name of “loving animals.” 

Yea right! We all know every company that dropped their endorsement deals with Vick when he went to jail is hitting him up right now.

Ok, ok. I’m going to stick to the point of this blog. (smile)

I honestly don’t watch much football but I’m a fan of competition. On December 19, I happened to enter my hotel room in Memphis and caught the final play of the Eagles versus Giants game. With the game tied at 31, the Giants’ punter kicked the ball to Desean Jackson who ended up running the ball back 65 yards to secure the win.

I had no idea the Eagles had been down 31-10 with 8:17 to go until I watched the ESPN highlights. I watched the clips and saw Vick lead the team back like a general commanding an army. It was impressive.

That was motivating for me to see this brother performing like this in the face of opposition. He’s even a candidate for MVP. Everybody won’t bounce back like this but we all have the capabilities to do it.

In an interview with ESPN after the game, Vick said, “You can get it done when you have the right game plan.”

So the next time you’re feeling the pressure of haters, naysayers, doubters, backbiters, gossipers, or challengers, I advise that you give the same response to them that Michael Vick has….SUCCESS!

That still may not shut’em up but oh well.

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