Is there some truth to the Justin Bieber rumor claiming he knocked up an older groupie? Well, brand new allegations are still dogging him!  VIDEO: Oprah Crowns Justin Bieber The New King Of Pop! Daily News Hollywood correspondent James Desborough reports that Bieb’s alleged baby mother still hasn’t received his DNA Test.  PHOTOS: Bieber-less Selena Gomez Walks […]

It seemed like Mariah Yeater had finally backed down from her paternity test battle with Justin Bieber. After allegedly having a 30-second sexual encounter with the Biebs last year, Mariah created havoc by claiming 17-year-old Justin was the father of her 5-month-old son Tristyn.  It was claimed by Justin’s team that he took a paternity test, […]

Justin Bieber has to take a second DNA test. It looks like Mariah Yeater didn’t go running for the hills as previously reported. Now the alleged baby mother and her lawyer are asking for Justin Bieber to take another DNA Test.  DETAILS: Justin Bieber Calls His Alleged Baby Mother A Weasel According to E!, Yeater’s […]

Justin Bieber stopped by The David Letterman Show yesterday to talk about taking a DNA test, while taking some jabs at his alleged baby mama Mariah Yeater.  DETAILS: Justin Bieber Takes DNA Test Then Yeater Goes Silent!  The 17-year-old Under The Mistletoe singer explained the process of taking a DNA test saying, “Yeah, I took it […]

Mariah is in trouble now! We’ve been following Mariah Yeater, the alleged baby mama of Justin Bieber,for quite some time now. But after Justin finally handed in his part of the DNA test earlier this week, Mariah is nowhere to be found! DETAILS: Justin Bieber Puts An End To The Mariah Yeater Baby Mama Drama! After […]

Justin Bieber took an DNA test Friday to prove once and for all he is not the father of Mariah Yeater‘s baby! DETAILS: Mariah Yeater Busted! Text Messages Out Her As Fraud! According to TMZ: We’ve learned … Justin took the test at a lab under “very controlled circumstances.”  We’re told there is a solid chain […]

Mariah Yeater‘s story that Justin Bieber is the father of her 4-month-old baby has some major holes.   As we previously reported, Mariah’s lawyers dropped her as a client and text messages sent to her friends showed there was another man in the picture.  STORY: Mariah Yeater Busted! Text Messages Out Her As Fraud! That other man is […]

This is anti-Mariah Yeater. Death of the paternity suit. This ain’t for the Maury Show with that stupid blonde. Alright that was a bit mean, but this post is for the D.O.M.Y.: Downfall Of Mariah Yeater.  EXCLUSIVE BLOG: Come On! Is Lindsay Lohan Really Worth A Million Bucks? I would like to take this time […]

Mariah Yeater has been busted! DETAILS: Mariah Yeater Still Plans To Make Justin Bieber Take DNA Text The 20-year-old woman who slapped a paternity suit on Justin Bieber allegedly sent text messages asking a friend to delete messages from her mother, naming another man as the father of her child. Mariah even said she’ll give […]

Mariah Yeater has some shocking news for Justin: it’s back on! After widespread reports that the paternity suit against Justin Bieber has been dropped, Radar Online is reporting that it ain’t over yet. Mariah is reportedly involved in private negotiations with Bieber’s legal team.  Earlier this month, 20-year-old Mariah slapped the 17-year-old heartthrob with a paternity lawsuit, claiming he was […]

Mariah Yeater, alleged baby mama to Justin Bieber, has dismissed the paternity suit against the singer. PHOTOS: Is This Mariah Yeater And Justin Bieber’s Baby? Earlier this month, 20-year-old Mariah claimed the “Baby” singer was the father to her 4-month-old son Tristyn after having some backstage fun following one of Justin’s shows in California. Yeater […]

Mariah Yeater is showing a more motherly side in the latest pictures of her to hit the internet. In the new images, you can see Mariah feeding her four-month-old son Tristyn a bottle of milk. PHOTOS: Mariah Yeater Looks Like A Good Mother In These Pics The 20-year-old mother claims that she had sex with […]