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This is anti-Mariah Yeater. Death of the paternity suit. This ain’t for the Maury Show with that stupid blonde. Alright that was a bit mean, but this post is for the D.O.M.Y.: Downfall Of Mariah Yeater. 

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I would like to take this time to apologize to the Beliebers out there for my previous blog, The Results Are In: Justin Bieber You ARE The Father, if I would have known what I know now, that post would have been totally different.

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So if Team Belieber would allow me back on the bandwagon, I’ll begin. First off Mariah Yeater, you broke every rule of the How To Get A Check From A Celebrity Because Of Some Bullsh*t book. 

First you don’t claim to be Justin Bieber’s fling when his girlfriend is the beautiful Selena Gomez and you look average, or worse.

Also in the words of Jadakiss, “Just because you seen me in and out of her house, there is no way she can have baby out of her mouth.” 

While I think Mariah Yeater might have met Justin, if anything sexual did go down at most it was probably an oral situation. And according to what I know about how the anatomy works pregnancy is impossible orally.

That explains the open mouth pictures as well. Mariah Yeater likes doing chicken head stuff with her friends. 

I wonder if Mariah ever stopped to think what will happen when the baby gets old enough to Google himself and see his mother tried to pimp him out for a quick buck! 

Mariah Yeater should be ashamed of herself. 

My good friend @CoolTableJay said Justin Bieber should sue Mariah for the little she has. He said he should share with her the tremendous joy he felt when he finds out he is not the father and give that feeling to Mariah. 

I guess my bottom line is that, I don’t want to live in a society where women falsely accuse men of being the father of their child only to receive a check. 

But as much as I like to believe that isn’t the case, I watch Maury and we are already living in that hell. 

~ Blog Xilla 

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