The courts have ruled in Chris Rock’s favor, but one Georgia woman refuses to let go of her claim that the comedian fathered her child, and is even moving forward with plans to write a book detailing her alleged relationship with Rock.

Must be nice to be a young, rich, famous, couple in love in the summertime. Our favorite couple under 21, Chris Brown and Rihanna hang out in Cape May, N.J. I hear they’ve been spotted in VA malls as well. I love that they keep it local, instead of running off the the usual celeb […]

ABC showed a sneak peak episode of their new comedy ‘Miss Guided.’ The official premiere for ‘Miss Guided’ is this Thursday on ABC. This episode will guest star Ashton Kutcher, who is also one of the show’s executive producers.

It seems the latest round of Berman videos was enough to prompt a return trip to Bristol for angry Christians. A press release reveals all of ESPN’s sins that need to be addressed and protested…

Joe Calzaghe is arguably the best active world champion American boxing fans have never seen. He’ll show off his skills in the …

If you haven’t seen it yet, prepare yourself for the greatest sports anchor meltdown ever caught on tape! (Warning: NSFW)You’re with me, Temper Tantrum!Let’s be fair to the Swami; he’s not the only famous anchor to lose his cool with the production crew:Or with ESPN, for that matter…(note: if the Berman clip has been pulled, […]

Chris Webber officially signed with the Warriors on Tuesday.