A legendary voice in Hip Hop and now the newest voice to the New York City transit, Jadakiss joins 20 iconic voices representing the New York MTA on subway platforms and buses around the New York City area for a special COVID-19 campaign. 

https://instagram.com/p/Bgxp7K0BIK0/ A NYC resident is going viral after he put on what is probably the worst MTA performance of all time. Press play to see his version of “Showtime!”

If you’ve ever needed proof that the subways in New York are a complete disaster, here are a few videos that will blow your mind. These videos were taken of the 4 train at 149 Street in Bronx, NY. Even more shocking is that the videos are from the same day.   Hit the flip […]

A new era is approaching for New York City subways. Instead of swiping through a turnstile, folks will be able to tap their way into a subway stop or bus. This style of fare payment is already used in places like Washington D.C. and it seems the MTA is finally hopping on board. Riders will […]

After getting into a verbal altercation with a guy on the train, one woman found herself the subject of a viral internet video.

The MTA continues to give commuters more reasons to be unhappy.


An incident involving a transgender woman getting pushed onto the subway tracks in New York City has now been labeled a hate crime. The incident occurred Monday morning at the platform of a No. 6 train heading towards Brooklyn at Bleecker Street. David Hollister, 28, who identifies as a woman, was waiting for the train when […]

Police arrested a man after he reportedly sexually assaulted his 4-year-old niece on a bus in Queens, NYC over the weekend. Witnesses on the Q53 bus in Queens screamed at 30-year-old Jesus Rodriguez Rojas as he touched his 4-year-old niece in an inappropriate manner. Authorities were immediately called. Daily Mail reports: NY1 reports that Rojas was riding […]

UPDATE: 9:30 AM EST A train crash that killed six in New York is being called the deadliest accident in the history of the Metro-North system, NBC reports. Five individuals perished on the northbound train when it crashed into a Jeep on Tuesday night. The driver of the sports utility vehicle was also killed and another 15 injured in […]

The MTA has banned “die-ins” and any other protest that involves people sitting or lying on the floor at Grand Central Terminal after protesters allegedly acted out physically towards MTA officers this week. According to The New York Observer, the two separate attacks are to blame for the MTA’s decision. The protests for police transparency and racial […]