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A legendary voice in Hip Hop and now the newest voice to the New York City transit, Jadakiss joins 20 iconic voices representing the New York MTA on subway platforms and buses around the New York City area for a special COVID-19 campaign.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) will use the rapper’s voice to inform the people of his hometown about the latest in coronavirus news and updates. Jadakiss made the announcement about MTA’s new COVID-19 public health campaign on his Instagram.

The Yonkers rapper writes, “starting February 12th, you will be hearing my voice along with over 20 other iconic voices representing the @mta on subway platforms and buses all over NYC! S/O @newyorknico for making this happen. I can’t wait to hear this for myself Ahaaaaa.”

Jadakiss eagerly declared his allegiance with the new campaign made in collaboration with documentary film director and social media personality, Nicolas Heller. MTA made an announcement about the initiative back in November. Heller previewed names like Jerry Seinfeld, Robert DeNiro and Desus & Mero as voices for the project.

“If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, please quarantine at home or seek medical attention. Thanks for helping to keep New York City safe,” Jadakiss says in the PSA ending with his signature laugh.

Heller shared the news on Instagram with the clip of him and Jadakiss, promising that he will be “teasing out these clips until the launch date.” Heller also shared a laugh with the rapper about how the entire city will now hear his laugh across the public transit.

Since the first announcement, Nico has shared a few clips from other notable New York voices like Jerry Seinfeld as he promised back in November.

“It has always been a dream of mine to get together a gang of incredible New Yorkers to record new subway announcements similar to what yellow cabs did back in the early 2000s,” Heller said in November. “I think it’s important for the time that we are in that we have a reminder that we are still strong, we are still here, we are still New York. If all goes according to plan, it will spark a sense of New York pride every time you take the train.”

The latest teaser in Nicolas’ “ambitious project yet” is actress Debi Mazar best known for her quick witted and sharp-tongued characters throughout television and film.

Stay updated with the project and look out for these voices on the New York City subways. As always, stay safe and coronavirus-free.