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There’s an update, of sorts, regarding the fate of notoriously violent prison Rikers Island.

“The bell is about to toll for Rikers Island, as the City Council plans to vote today on Mayor de Blasio’s polarizing plan to replace the scandal-scarred complex with four smaller, regional jails that will hold far fewer inmates,” the NY Post reports. “The $8.7 billion proposal — which would put a mini-jail in every borough but Staten Island by 2026 — is expected to pass, as only 10 of the council’s 51 members are sure to vote no and roughly a dozen more are undecided.”

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The idea of closing Rikers doesn’t come without some controversy, of course.

“De Blasio has made it a goal to reduce the number of inmates held in city jails as part of his vision for criminal-justice reform — and closing Rikers and building the new facilities is part of that,” the NY Post goes on to say, adding “The reduction in beds has some observers worried that dangerous criminals could wind up on the street because there is no place to keep them… Though the four-jail plan appears to be on the path to passing, opposition to the jails has come in many different forms — from those fearing criminals will run free to those not wanting unsightly jail towers in their neighborhoods.”

Some say closing Rikers isn’t an actual push forward in criminal justice reform. “If we want to fix the criminal justice system, then let’s fix the criminal-justice system and be honest and true about us correcting that system — and not blame it on the brick and mortar of Rikers Island,” Councilman Andy King said, according to the site.

Stay tuned, as we’ll be keeping you updated.

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