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She may be the most successful woman in music, but she still knows how to look fierce without putting a dent in her massive fortune. Last night, Beyonce stole the show at the celebration for the Topshop/Topman 5th Ave flagship opening dinner in NYC, and rightfully so, as Bey is set to collaborate with the British brand for an […]

Life moves in circles. Yesterday, it was announced that Juvenile was signing with Cash Money Records. It’s ironic, considering that there would be no Cash Money in the first place without Juvenile. Juvie brought the New Orleans-based Cash Money label to mainstream respectability when he dropped his masterpiece single “Ha” in 1998. (This was before Lil […]

Oh man, it’s getting hot in here. We must be coming down with a case of baby fever, which we’re pretty sure we caught from Alicia Keys and Blake Lively. The mommies-to-be both attended the Angel Ball, an annual event to raise money for cancer research, dressed to impress with their doting husbands by their sides. Alicia and Swizz […]

You know it’s fall when the weather gets colder, Halloween movies start to play on TV, and every celebrity in Hollywood is spotted out at Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch. We don’t know if the pumpkins are bigger there, or if Southern California doesn’t have a lot of pumpkin patches to choose from, but stars flock […]

Remember that one movie when Lindsay Lohan was still in her prime and she accidentally brought her doll, played by Tyra Banks, to life? Life-Size? That’s basically what Jeremy Scott did when he assembled an army of Barbies to march down the runway for the Moschino Spring 2015 collection last month. The collection had Paris Hilton’s name written all over it—that and the label’s […]

A mother has been locked up since 1994 after being accused and charged for slitting her son’s throat, but a judge just found her innocent after all these years. Michelle Murphy is now a free woman after new evidence showed that DNA did not match up. She received the news just this past Friday. That […]

The man who sold drugs to the late Philip Seymour Hoffman before he died is no longer being charged with intention to sell heroin. According to the NY Times, Robert Aaron Vineberg pleaded guilty to possessing the drug, but his lawyer revealed to the outlet that “this case and the charges against Mr. Vineberg have absolutely […]

Local DJ’s don’t come for us we’re just the messengers but, Paris Hilton was paid a rousing $347,000 per hour, yes per hour, to DJ at Ibizia’s Amnesia Club on Wednesday night. The heiress was given flack for lack of actually mixing music and simply pressing play on a Beyonce mix. Find out more about it […]