Speaking with the ladies of popular daytime talk show "The Real," FLOTUS was honest when asked who had better grades in high school.

No wonder the Commander-in-Chief gets his advice from this guy's music.

Kanye West went on a random rant about in-app purchases, and we couldn't help but giggle a little.

The relationship between President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle is one that has inspired the nation.

He stopped by The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore and dished on his infamous arrest. Larry Wilmore asked, "Be honest, keep it 100. Was it a little cool to be arrested?”

Kanye West for President. The world would be a better place if we had ‘Ye in the Oval Office, Kim Kardashian creating legislation about the importance of selfies, and DONDA creative agency redesigning the front of the White House. OK so, maybe not, but the idea of Kanye running for president is fun to think about. […]

Former President Bill Clinton has been called one of the greatest presidents this country has seen. Not only was he the first POTUS to be born of the Baby Boomer generation, but he also made improving race relations a major theme of his presidency. Before Barack Obama wooed the world with his swag, Mr. Clinton was the King […]

I am an Obama stan. This is no secret. Some people are a Rihanna Stan (i.e. a part of the Navy), I’m that too. Some people are Kendrick fanatics. Yup, I’m one of those too. But above all, right now I am watching closely as Barack Obama kicks ass and takes names. As someone who […]

President Obama gave a historical speech yesterday. At 5:20 P.M specifically, The President spoke about the Child-Centric Framework. He didn’t call it that, but he preached the premises and spoke of the advantages of looking at politics through that lens. The Child-Centric Framework is a theory I created while studying Human Rights. I spoke of […]

We think it’s safe to say that there’s never been a more thorough presidential administration than President Barack Obama’s squad. From Vice President Joe Biden’s ability to keep it one hundred 365 days a year, to President Obama’s ability to shut a heckler down, the POTUS and the VPOTUS are real drill politicians. This morning, President Obama […]

President Obama showed immense support for Vice President Joe Biden during the funeral for his late son Beau Biden. Thousands including First Lady Michelle Obama came to give their respects to Beau. During the ceremony, Obama gave an emotional eulogy. People reports: “Anyone can make a name for themselves in this reality TV age, especially in today’s political world. If you […]

President Obama has called Kanye West a jackass twice, but obviously that beef ain’t about nothing! Yeezy’s wife proved that much on Friday when she posted a flashback photo of herself, Kanye, and the President in good spirits. Signed by the POTUS himself, the picture reads: “To Kanye & Kim – Thanks for the support […]