Donald Glover shook up the world with the release of his new video “This Is America” the symbolism, the movements and message. It also sparked a debate on if you could be “woke” if you date outside your race. In the film Solo: A Star Wars Story, Donald’s character Lando Calrissian has a very interesting […]

This White kid is getting dragged to filth for his racist prom proposal.

Finally! Season Two of Dear White People is headed to Netflix with a whole new set of important topics to discuss with our caucasian peers. That got us thinking — if we could ask White people anything, what would it be? Here’s what we came up with. Ya’ll were probably thinking the same things anyway. If […]

If you were a Black kid who grew up in the 90s, you know there were certain product it felt like every store sold. Like for real. It literally felt like every store sold the same prints. Tell me you didn’t have one of these classic bed comforters growing up! Or what about these… Bringing […]

Jason Sudeikis plays Coach Larry Snyder in the new movie Race about Jesse Owens defying the odds to make the 1936 Olympic games in Germany, to face off against Adolf Hitler’s vision of Aryan supremacy. Jason didn’t play the funny man in this movie instead he’s a coach who is determined to get his athlete […]

It’s sucks that we live in a nation where a child can peacefully protest against gun violence and suffer serious consequences, but a White man can threaten a kid with a knife at a PTA meeting and be kindly escorted out. The worst part about the entire situation is that not one adult stood up […]

Navigating the work force can be hard work, especially if you’re Black, a person of color, or apart of a marginalized community. While some of us might have The Autobiography of Malcolm X on Kindle, all of us can’t fight the power like Colin Kaepernick. There’s bills that need paying and let’s be real — […]

Naomi Campbell and British grime artist Skepta are out and proud with their new relationship. This month they did a full-on photoshoot with British GQ and discussed race in the entertainment industry. While both Skepta and Naomi had some insightful things to say about racism (and sexism), Skepta gave a questionable response to what Black rappers can […]

White people have often mistaken one Black person for another, suggesting that they think we all look alike. There’s never a day that goes by where something like this doesn’t happen: Or this: Let’s not forget that one woman finessed an entire airline by pretending to be Quavo of the Migos, all because they think […]

They say the only way to get White People to realize injustices is to hit them where it hurts — their pockets. Obviously, Chef Tunde Wey of New Orleans got them memo. Last month, Chef Wey opened his pop-up stall in the Louisiana’s Roux Carre venue and listed the price for the Nigerian food as […]