Not everybody deserves access to the internet — mainly people who take these selfies and those who post their crimes on social media. Case in point: Jules Bahler, a 21-year-old suspected bank robber who was busted by the FBI after posting photos of himself on Facebook brandishing the weapons he allegedly used in the crime. Genius. […]

Khloe Kardashian’s got some new digs – sort of. Months after selling the Tarzana, California mansion she once shared with ex Lamar Odom to Kaley Cuoco, the reality star has found a new bachelorette pad. According to Us Magazine, Khloe has officially purchased Justin Bieber’s Calabasas, California mansion. The house is located in The Oaks, a […]

Authorities believe Lamar Odom’s drug dealers are to blame for the $250,000 jewelry theft that went down at the Tarzana, California mansion he and ex Khloe Kardashian shared. According to TMZ, the alleged dealers previously threatened to break into the home to get money that was owed to them. Numerous sources linked to Lamar’s drug deals have […]

After news of a jewelry theft at Khloe's house, it's been reported money was taken from Kourtney's home...

Two men were arrested and charged after robbing a pregnant woman in labor in Annapolis, Md. early Sunday. The woman was trying to get to the hospital with her partner when they were held up by two suspects at 4:30 am. A witness to the crime contacted the police. According to the Huffington Post: The […]

Need more proof Hollywood is fake? Look no further than the video above, captured by a KTLA photographer in Los Angeles, of Darth Vader and Superman looking on as a man brazenly smashes the windows of a police cruiser and steals a laptop from the front passenger seat. So much for saving the day, Superman. […]

Three teenagers have been arrested after a Wichita, Kansas woman, who suffered a brain aneurysm at a local Taco Bell, was robbed instead of helped. Danielle Zimmerman, 43, was getting dinner for her family on Dec. 29 when the aneurysm hit, causing her to lose control of her vehicle and strike the speaker box. When […]

The woman crowned Miss Venezuela in 2004 and her ex-boyfriend were shot dead in front of their 5-year-old daughter after they resisted a robbery. The daughter survived the attack. According to USA Today: Monica Spear, 29, and Henry Thomas Berry, 39, were slain late Monday night on a roadside near Puerto Cabello, Venezuela’s main port, […]

When an armed robber walked into R&J Laundromat in Dayton, Ohio, the elderly owner didn’t panic or lose his cool. In fact, 90-year-old George Hicks simply grabbed his gun and chased the robber out the door. After handling the situation himself, he called 911. 911 Dispatcher: “Did he take any money?” Victim: “No. No. When […]

Fate sure has a crazy way of handling things. After an attempted robbery in San Francisco, one suspect is dead after the bullet intended for the victim bounced off and struck one of the robbers. According to Gawker, 16-year-old Clifton Chatman along with other minors robbed the unnamed victim of his cell phone and personal items. As the […]

Instagram might be fun and games…until it gets you arrested. A man from Florida is currently facing a total of 142 charges in connection with a series of “dinner time” robberies at local senior community homes. According to WPTV, Depree Johnson led authorities to search his home after he posted controversial pictures to his Instagram […]

While Rihanna is off touring the world, someone decided to pull a “bling-ring” type of heist. Too bad they didn’t get far. According to TMZ, someone attempted to break into the singer’s Pacific Palisades mansion over the weekend. Cameras caught the alleged perp driving up Rihanna’s private road and throwing a chair through a glass door. […]