Russell Simmons

Jay-Z isn’t trying to Occupy Wall Street, he’s trying to Occupy All Streets.  While backstage at his Watch The Throne concert, Jay rocked an “Occupy All Streets” t-shirt, as he snapped a few pictures with his good friend Russell Simmons.  Jay-Z and Kanye West told us that somebody watch the throne, and the critics should […]

Now that I have your attention, let me give you my side of what Zuccotti Park really is, vs. the all too familiar headlines we are being spoon fed daily in our hometown newspapers. Like the one on today’s NY Post: “Occupy Wall Street Animals Go Wild, Zoo-Cotti!” Day after day, The NY Post publishes […]

I knew before it hit the press and exploded into a media firestorm of speculation and rumors that Kim Kardashian was going to file for divorce from her husband Kris. We had a heart to heart talk just a few days prior where we shared our thoughts about life, love, celebrity and well, actually Occupy […]

  We all know Russell Simmons knows how to have a good time. In spirit of the holiday weekend, Uncle Rush did his rounds at the Halloween parties and looked a little bit like he was channeling a certain legendary rap group. He was snapped at the event and confronted for wearing a costume similar […]

I’m hearing reports from the field about throwing bottles and cans in Oakland. I understand the frustration – I over-stand it!  But real change – the change that got blacks the right the vote, that freed South Africa, that ended Vietnam – they were all NON-VIOLENT.  For a reason.  They had MORAL POWER.  This is […]

Tower Heist was the official theme of the night inside GlobalGrind’s toast to the filmmakers of the movie at PH-D inside Dream Downtown. All of New York City was in the building as Russell Simmons took the stage to toast, and roast, his good friend and award-winning filmmaker Brett Ratner. PHOTOS: Stars At The Tower […]

Trolling around Twitter today, we came across the above photo and this Tweet belonging to GlobalGrind’s own Uncle Rush: “A life long friend gave me some special diamond prayer beads. I’m afraid an honest monk might steal them.” The photo of the diamond prayer beads above have between 36-38 “beads,” not counting the guru bead […]

I go down to Zuccotti Park everyday to hang out with the young people there. Every so often when I’m not in the park, I read in the newspaper or see on TV that I’m part of the one percent and why I shouldn’t be there. I have never felt uncomfortable when I am there […]

The bossman Uncle Rush has been down at Occupy Wall Street everyday supporting the peaceful protests. Since the protests started over a month ago, a slew of celebs have been seen supporting the movement including Gossip Girls‘ Penn Badgley, actress Susan Sarandon and rapper Kanye West, just to name a few. The latest celeb sighting […]

Russell Simmons got a new UberSocial theme and it is very easy to download.  It’s all kind of fun features, including the ability to Talk to Russell about the most interesting topics of the day. Here are the downloading instructions: Iphone UncleUber for iPhone requires UberSocial version 1.9 or higher – free in the Apple […]

MSNBC’s Martin Bashir interviewed Russell Simmons yesterday about Occupy Wall Street and asked him whether or not he has heard any anti-Semitic rhetoric from the protesters at Zuccotti Plaza. A confused Simmons asked Bashir:  “Where’d you get that from — Bill O’Reilly or somebody?” As it turns out, Bashir heard it from a group called the […]

Founders of Def Jam, Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons will be discussing Def Jam’s influence in hip-hop culture in the New York Public Library tonight at 7 p.m. ET. STORY: Breaking Down The Def Jam Book By The Numbers These two pioneers had no idea at the time that their music label would be the […]