Doctors warn, "we are now running out of options to treat" the rapidly-mutating bacteria.

If you’ve been tuning into HBO’s Insecure these past two seasons you’d know there are quite a few sex scenes. While no one is complaining about the steamy encounters, folks are noticing a lack of one protective element — condoms. The Twitter-verse has spoken and folks aren’t too happy about the raw entertainment. Well it […]

Durex put together a #CondomEmoji campaign to urge the Unicode Consortium to add the pregnancy preventer to the database.

Even though the porn moratorium has been lifted and companies in California can start to film now, the HIV-scare in the industry just keeps growing. A fifth performer has come forth to reveal that he too has contracted the virus. According to the porn blog, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation held a teleconference in which Cameron Bay and Rod Daily, who openly […]

Because this makes perfect sense… Even after several porn stars in the industry came forward and tested positive for HIV, a bill that would require performers to wear condoms was STILL shot down in the California State Legislature. AB 640 by Assemblyman Isadore Hall, D-Compton, would have required porn producers to implement a series of […]

Helping or hurtful? It wasn’t long after Mayor Bloomberg and the NYC human Resources Administration (HRA) launched a $400,000 anti-teen pregnancy campaign that featured crying babies alongside real-life scenarios, that people started to get offended. Critics of the new ads say it shames single moms and blames girls for teen pregnancy, without warning them about […]

Trying not to get arrested, ladies? Well next time you go out in New York City, just make sure you don’t wear a short skirt and leave the condoms at home. DETAILS: Plan B! 5.8 Million Women Rely On The Morning After Pill!  A new study from the Sex Workers Project reveals that if a NYC […]

Looks like more women are opting for a one-time pill to quell their pregnancy fears and less are taking the necessary safe-sex precautions. DETAILS: Teen Mom No More! New York City’s Pregnancy Rate Drops After Students Get Access To Plan B!  A new report reveals that as many as 11 percent of U.S. women ages 15-44 […]

Today is all about spreading the love, but make sure you practice safe sex when you do. DETAILS: Oh Hell No! Another NY Hospital May Have Infected 2000 Patients With HIV!  According to new government reports, there are nearly 20 million new cases of sexually transmitted infections each year in this country. Those cases incur billions […]

You never know when they’re watching.  VIDEO: WTF?! 5- Year- Old Gives Oral Sex In Preschool Sex Scandal Over the last week, it was reported that a 5-year-old was giving oral sex to classmates, a 9-year-old allegedly gave birth to her stepfather’s baby, and a 12-year-old gave birth to twins. At what point do parents […]

MTV might have to cancel their hit show Teen Mom if this trend keeps rising. DETAILS: Let’s Talk About Sex! Philadelphia Schools Install Condom Dispensers To Fight STDs! Think Progress is reporting that the teen pregnancy rate in New York City dropped by 27 percent over the last decade. City officials are crediting the drop […]

Apparently eating the box might send you to a box…like a coffin! A Brazilian woman is accused of putting poison in her vagina and inviting her husband to have oral sex with her so that she could kill him. Putting it in his food wasn’t effective enough? The man, a 43-year-old from Sao de Jose […]