Every Thursday, as Scandal fans grab our glasses of wine and attempt to avoid cardiac arrest, we can’t help but be reminded that our favorite show’s lead star is truly one of a kind. In fact, Kerry Washington owned 2013. Yeah, we said it! The 36-year-old is not only an amazing actress who refuses to let societal […]

It’s funny that something like Black Twitter exists, because, and many studies have shown this, most of the users on Twitter are young black women. Meaning Twitter is black. But, it does exists and, man, Black Twitter is brilliant. And the folks who are involved — you know who they are — will strike whenever there is a slight […]

Kerry Washington‘s pregnancy is going to cost you a little bit of Scandal. Four episodes of the show just got cut. ABC reduced it’s order of it’s new flagship show, from 22 episodes down to 18,  but it’s not because the show is lagging in ratings. Rather Kerry’s pregnant baby bump is getting a lot […]

Every Thursday night, Black Twitter comes alive when Scandal comes on, as they watch the interactions between Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald. Women love Fitz and Liv’s relationship. Case in point: Omg I need a man like Fitz #Scandal — A.V (@LexxAngeles) November 22, 2013 While women want a man like Fitz, they don’t really want […]

Scandal is serving this season! Last night, we got the surprise of our lives in a series of bombshell revelations. Spoilers ahead…Not only did Fitz summon Olivia to Vermont of all places, but the Prez gave us all a major “aww” moment when he revealed the house that he bought for them to “grow old in.” […]

Where’s Olivia Pope when you need her? Two U.S. Secret Service officers are under investigation, and another has been removed from President Obama’s detail completely, for alleged sexual misconduct. The allegations stem from a call made from the Hay-Adams hotel in Washington D.C. this past spring, reporting that a Secret Service agent was trying to […]

Kerry Washington has been having quite the year, from being named the best dressed woman in the world, to snagging the covers of Vanity Fair, People, Glamour and Essence – and she’s looked flawless every single time. This time, however, Photoshop may have gotten the best of our lovely Kerry. The rumored expectant mom is the latest cover girl for Lucky magazine’s December […]

While some of you gladiators are counting down the hours until tomorrow’s episode of ABC’s hit drama Scandal, we have some awesome news that just might brighten your day. Up until now, producers have remained “mum” on who will play Olivia Pope’s mother. Well, we now know that the role has been given to the […]

Oh Em Gee! Halloween is like, this week, and you haven’t gotten a chance to shop for a costume, have to work late every night, yet have social obligations that ironically require a costume. You have two options. 1. Be the grumpy holiday hater you are and opt out of dressing up. 2. Work with […]

Each week, ABC’s hit series Scandal draws in a huge numbers of viewers who watch and tweet along as the presidential drama unfolds. In turn, a top fan blogger known only as Scandal411 has amassed a huge following and is a top source for all things Scandal. Now, the anonymous source has officially been unmasked and […]

This week’s Scandal was explosive and like every week, we’re going to give you the hottest and most informative tweets from live tweeting through “Mrs. Smith Goes To Washington.” In this episode, we learn more about Huck and Olivia Pope’s dad Rowan, aka King of the Illuminati. We also kick off the beginning of Liv’s […]

This week’s Scandal was titled “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner,” but it could have been called “Presidential Balls,” because this week, Fitz pulled off a stunning move as Liv went for White House blood! With that said, this post has spoilers! We’re going to post the best tweets about last night’s episode, so if you […]