Sterling K. Brown Talks Dapper Pastor Role In “Honk For Jesus,” Regina Hall Is His Fresh-Dressed First Lady


It’s Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul release day!

Honk for Jesus Film Stills

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In case you haven’t been paying attention, the Focus Features film from writer/director Adamma Ebo, stars Sterling K. Brown as a scandalized megachurch pastor Lee Curtis Childs and Regina Hall as his faithful wife Trinitie, who hire a documentary crew to follow them as they prepare to reopen their church. The satirical film, which was produced by Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions and is the first feature from Daniel Kaluuya’s production company 59%, is a boldly hilarious reflection of the megachurch culture that’s prominent in Atlanta and Childs’ scandal may sound familiar to folks who have been paying attention to Black church scandals over the years!

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Sterling K. Brown and Regina Hall spoke with Global Grind Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden about starring in Honk For Jesus, the African-American urge to try to outdress any situation, the importance of producing and starring in movies by Black filmmakers and how the Black Church isn’t beyond critique.

“It does feel like if I can come correct enough on the fashion tip, maybe everything else will disappear,” Sterling K. Brown told Global Grind.

“If I can make it look like there’s no scandal, maybe it won’t be a scandal,” Regina Hall agreed. “We always say one of our favorite scenes, is the fact we think it’s important to open up a documentary with our clothing and what we’re wearing for that first day back.”

“You know pinstripes, that’s something specific,” Sterling K. Brown added.

The actor said it was too hard for him to pick a favorite look from the pastor’s overflowing wardrobe.

“There was a white one I liked a lot but there’s a lot of colors, it’s too hard for Lee Curtis to pick,” Brown admitted.

“That’s why he has so many, he doesn’t have to pick!” Hall chimed in.

“I like variety,” Brown said.”

Honk for Jesus Film Stills

Source: Courtesy of Cashmere Agency / Cashmere Agency

We also chatted with the actors about working with Adamma Ebo and her twin sister Adanne, who served as a producer on the project. The stars also served as producers and they spoke about not seeing the film as a smaller project, but in terms of what it meant to their careers instead.

Sterling K. Brown And Regina Hall Talk The Importance Of Black Stories “Big” And “Small”

“I just think it’s important to support, nurture and work with talented people,” Reginal Hall told Global Grind.

“Amen,” Sterling K. Brown agreed.

“If they’re new, they’re new,” Hall continued, ” But they’ve been working. They be new to us but it’s not like this is their first time. I don’t think of films as big or small. I know that is budget, but what does it allow you to play?”

“What are the stories that I want to tell?” Sterling K. Brown added. “What do I think needs to go out in the world? We’re in a place too where we’re blessed enough that, it’s not like I have to make so much money a year in order to pick these choices. I love this story. These filmmakers have something to say. Let me support this in the best way I know how to, in front of the camera and behind it.”

Lastly we spoke with the “Honk For Jesus” stars about the film’s critique of the Black church.

“I feel like any institution is worthy of critique,” Sterling K. Brown said.

“No one is above it,” Regina Hall added.

“We are all infallible creatures, so there’s always room to grow,” Brown continued.

“Nothing is perfect. Like I think I’m a good dude — I got room to grow. Reg is close to perfect,” he said reaching out to touch his costar.

“No, no,” Hall protested shaking her head.

“And I’m going to say even close to perfect as she is, we’ve all got room to grow,” Brown finished.

“We’ve been saying it all day, the church has evolved, from where it was 100 years ago, 200 years ago, 3 years ago. It will continue as long as we evolve in love and compassion, so much the institutions that we make up,” Hall told GlobalGrind.

Well said indeed.

Honk For Jesus: Save Your Soul is in theatres and on Peacock now.