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A day after the World Health Organization declared that West Africa was Ebola-free, a new case emerged in Sierra Leone when a corpse tested positive for the virus.

A Nike staff member from Memphis, Tennessee stole 7,500 pairs of the Nike Lebron 2, which estimates to about $1 million worth of shoes. The man stole a trailer full of the sneakers and his crime was discovered soon after when he used his own i.d. to leave the Nike facility. The Memphis Cargo Task Force […]

Dr. Martin Salia, the 10th person to be treated on U.S. soil for the Ebola virus, has died. Dr. Salia contracted the virus in Sierra Leone. After initially testing negative for the virus, Salia tested positive in a second test and was flown to the U.S. for treatment. The 44-year-old was being treated at Nebraska Medical Center […]

Sierra Leone has ordered everyone in the country to stay indoors for three days in attempt to stop Ebola from spreading. This meant suspending commerce and emptying the streets. Government officials, soldiers and nearly 30,000 volunteers will go house to house, hoping to educate the country about the extreme dangers of the disease and to […]