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A Nike staff member from Memphis, Tennessee stole 7,500 pairs of the Nike Lebron 2, which estimates to about $1 million worth of shoes. The man stole a trailer full of the sneakers and his crime was discovered soon after when he used his own i.d. to leave the Nike facility. The Memphis Cargo Task Force only located 6,800 of the sneakers thus far. [Buzzfeed]

In Fort Plain, New York, police have discovered a 1-year-old child who passed away earlier this week due to ingesting liquid nicotine, the substance used in electronic cigarettes. Governor Cuomo is expected to sign a law where all liquid nicotine products have child resistant packaging. We pray for the toddler’s family. [Gawker]

The country of Sierra Leone canceled Christmas and New Years celebrations this year in an effort to stop spreading the deadly Ebola virus. The virus has reportedly infected about 1,319 people in the past week alone. [Jezebel]

Delaware police have charged a 17-year-old teenager with first degree murder after he allegedly shot his dad with a crossbow to avoid confrontation about skipping school. The teenager is currently being held at a juvenile detention center without bail. [Gawker]


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