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Sierra Leone has ordered everyone in the country to stay indoors for three days in attempt to stop Ebola from spreading. This meant suspending commerce and emptying the streets. Government officials, soldiers and nearly 30,000 volunteers will go house to house, hoping to educate the country about the extreme dangers of the disease and to identify those who might pass on the disease to those around them. The countrywide lock-down has West African governments fearing for their lives, as the Ebola epidemic has killed more than 2,600 and has shown no signs of slowing down. [NY Times]

The man who crashed Roger Goodell‘s NFL conference is apologizing after interrupting the speaker. Benjy from the “Howard Stern Show,” screamed “Don’t put me in the elevator!” right in the middle of the event. Moments later, he was escorted by security. Watch the chaotic clip here —>[TMZ]

UFC fighter Thiago Silva has been fired, again, after footage of the fighter holding a gun and accusing his wife for hiding another man in the house surfaced online. The footage was shot by his estranged wife earlier this year. Thiago pulled a pistol and began threatening her after thinking she was hiding another man in their home. UFC President Dana White initially banned Thiago from fighting when he was charged for pulling a gun on his wife earlier this year, but has since let him back after the charges were dropped. But that’s all over with now. [TMZ]

A crazy wildfire threatened over 2,000 homes in Northern California this week. Spreading over 111 miles, the fire showed explosive growth, consuming thousands of acres. Most of the homes that were threatened were in Pollock Pines, 60 miles east of Sacramento. A man by the name of Wayne Allen Huntsman has been arrested for deliberately starting the fire, and his bail is set at $10 million. [Mashable]


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