The University of South Carolina has been added to the growing list of campuses in the news for racial incidents, after a student was suspended for…

A high school football player has been arrested after he shot his classmate in the face and posted with the teen’s lifeless body on Snapchat. The shooting took place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania last week, when Maxwell Marion Morton (above) shot 16-year-old Ryan Mangan in the Jeanette area. Mangan was found by his mother in their home on Friday. A […]

Taylor Swift proves she’s the coolest to ever do it everyday. The sensational pop star took it to the ‘gram to wish fellow friend and Grammy winner Justin Timberlake a very happy birthday. She did so with a star-studded photo that included Beyonce and Jay Z sitting next to her and JT. T-Swift captioned the photo: Happy Birthday, @justintimberlake! Thank you […]

Social media has played an integral part in the way we communicate and generally interact with each other. Time has allowed us to show the best and worst uses for social media, but what happens when someone uses it for murder? For some, the thrill of a wide-eyed audience on the other side of the […]

A Minnesota father took a stand against both bullying and racism when he took to YouTube to expose the students taunting his adopted African-American daughter. In the heartbreaking video above, Brad Knudson explains that his daughter’s friend came to the family to inform them that twins at her Prior Lake school were sending Dierdra racist Snapchat videos. […]

South Carolina teen Matthew Fischer is currently in police custody after fatally stabbing his classmate for sending Snapchats to his girlfriend. The 17-year-old was reportedly upset with Lucas Cavanaugh, 16, for sending a message to his girlfriend on the popular app on Sunday. With Snapchat messages lasting no longer than a few seconds, Fischer sent a message of his own […]

Jeffrey Sirois, a Connecticut high school soccer coach, sent a 10 second clip of himself masturbating to some of his team’s players, which – if you didn’t guess yet – are all girls. The girls were out and about when one of them received the video. The girl told the police: “Once I realized what […]

Following the leak of celebrities’ nude photos in what has been dubbed “The Fappening,” thousands of Snapchat photos and videos have been posted online after what was thought to be just a hoax by anonymous hackers. On Friday, rumors of the massive hack hit the Internet, but on Sunday, around 98,000 files from Snapchat users […]

An American missionary infected with the Ebola virus in Liberia will be the third patient to travel to the U.S. for treatment. Rick Sacra is expected to arrive in Omaha, Nebraska on Friday morning to begin treatment at the Nebraska Medical Center’s Biocontainment Patient Care Unit. Read about it here… [NBC] A 14-year-old girl in […]

A new drug branded with the Snapchat logo — the popular photo-sharing app that allows people to set a self-destruct timer on shared images and videos — has hit the streets in Australia and is sending people straight to the hospital. And unlike the app, the effects of the pink or blue pill don’t wear off in […]

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has been pining after Snapchat since meeting with the app’s founders in December of last year, but it looks like he’s going to have to find another app to lust after. The popular photo-messaging app reports that its users send about 350 million photos each day, all via mobile phone. Zuckerberg is […]