UPDATE 5:00 PM Snoop Dogg is at it again. The “Gin and Juice” rapper took to Instagram to take yet another dig at Iggy Azalea. After posting then deleting the initial meme mocking the Australian-born rappers makeup-free face Snoop attempted to smooth things over – or so we thought – by sharing yet another meme, […]

Back in 1996, Snoop Lion (who was still going by the name Snoop Doggy Dogg) and his bodyguard were acquitted of first and second-degree murder in the shooting of a gang member. So Snoop knows trials. Which makes his opinion about the George Zimmerman acquittal interesting. CNN caught up with the rapper and he had an […]

The acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case definitely left many individuals uneasy. In light of the verdict, 16-year-old R&B songstress Mali Nicole pays tribute to Trayvon with a cover of Snoop Lion‘s “No Guns Allowed.“ Mali really emphasizes Snoop’s message to eliminate senseless gun violence in our communities with a visual montage […]

Snoop Lion and Rita Ora are something out of music heaven that should not be “Torn Apart!” It’s paradise for these two artists, as they link up for the visuals to their duet off Snoop’s reggae album Reincarnated. Not only do you see how well the rapper and Roc Nation singer vibe together, but you get to […]

Well this is interesting… It looks like Snoop Dogg a.k.a Snoop Lion may have influenced someone else to venture into the musical world of reggae and it’s… Eddie Murphy! The two joined forces for a performance video of what appears to be a new track by the Hollywood actor title, “Red Light.” In a recording […]

Dreamworks’ new 3D animation film Turbo took over the E3 in Los Angeles last week with a surprise performance by Snoop Lion.  Snoop Lion is the voice of “Smoove Move,” a character in the upcoming film Turbo. Snoop rocked the stage with hits “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and “The Next Episode.” He also performed his new single […]

If you ever felt the pain of losing a loved one, then this song and video might help. The song is “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks,” and it’s a duet between Snoop Lion and Miley Cyrus. The heartfelt track is the latest single off Snoop’s Reincarnated album, which dropped last month. Both Snoop and Miley appear in the […]

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are officially over?  That’s the case according to Snoop Lion! The Dogg turned Lion was promoting his new single “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks” with Miley Cyrus, when he dry snitched on the former Disney star and the status of her relationship.  “I can’t speak for her, you know what I’m saying, […]

With all the chaos that struck our nation this week beginning with Boston, it’s only right that the most calming holiday is tomorrow. That’s right, Mary Jane lovers. It’s 4/20! Even though we are keeping the victims in our prayers, it doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in a favorite stress relieving activity. PHOTOS: Justin Bieber […]

Snoop Lion, formerly known as Snoop Dogg, is making the smoothest transformation to his new Rasta-inspired life.  Last week, Snoop released tracks with Drake and his daughter Cori, as well as pop starlet Miley Cyrus.  But his latest collaboration comes all the way from Londontown.  Roc Nation singer Rita Ora teams up with the legendary rapper […]

It appears Snoop Lion believes homosexuality and rap music completely don’t mix. The rapper who has been known to be a supporter of same-sex marriage in the America  was asked by The Guardian if Frank Ocean coming out last year would pave the way for other gay rappers.  And what the West Coast rapper had to say is a […]

Yeah, yeah — fresh off a flight from some place hot. NYC rest assure, that heat wave is coming, and I’m not talking about the weather. I’ve been saying NYC is having a rebirth in its hip-hop scene. Need proof? Check this new Troy Ave song “We Ain’t You.” It features Nitty Scott MC and […]