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Chrisette Michele has been catching heat from social media and Spike Lee since her performance at Donald Trump‘s Inauguration on Friday. While some have already come to Michele’s defense, her fiancé and longtime manager, Doug Ellison did more than that, going on the offensive against the iconic filmmaker in a since-deleted post. Michele showed her appreciation for her fiancé by retweeting (and […]

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  Nobody can deny Lil Mo’ is a loyal friend. The talk show host has been going to the mat for her girl Chrisette Michele over the backlash the latter has been facing for her decision to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday, particularly calling out Spike Lee on his bullsh*t. ICYMI, last week, […]

Spike Lee isn't here for Chrisette Michele performing at Donald Trump's inauguration – and can we blame him?

I’m 25. My President-elect is Orange. And the rappers who made the soundtrack to my teenage misdemeanors are proudly washed squares. This definitely isn’t how I imagined things turning out when I was 20. Five years ago, I was trying to flip freelance checks like I was a young Gucci flipping pies. Today, I’m way […]

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Spike Lee and Netflix are teaming up to revive a classic. Lee’s 1986 feature film debut She’s Gotta Have It will be remade into a 10-part series on Netflix. Lee and his wife Tonya Lewis Lee will co-produce the series and according to Variety it was Tonya’s idea. It will be interesting to see how Spike goes about […]


Obama called Kaep's protest "legitimate," while Ali's ex-wife said he should "get off his high horse" and apologize.

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