Emmy award-winning comedy legend Katt Williams returns to Netflix with his second original comedy special, World War III. Learn more about what Williams has been up to and where fans may see him next. 

BET+ announced a ten-episode order for season 2 of the hit comedy The Ms. Pat Show after a successful launch only two weeks into its season one debut.

There are many ways to handle not liking a joke a comedian tells. For one fan at the Comedy House in Columbia, South Carolina, his way of handling bad jokes was jumping on stage and fighting the comedian. In the viral video, the comedian in the black pants (Steve Brown) is seen dodging swings by the […]

Chris Rock should be laughing all the way to the bank today because he just broke a pretty impressive financial record with Netflix, and audiences will reap the benefits with endless bouts of laughter. It may be hard to believe, but it’s been eight long years since Rock did stand-up comedy, but with the help […]

Kevin Hart is geared up for the release of his third stand-up comedy special to hit the big screen, titled Kevin Hart: What Now?.

On June 17, a young White supremacist walked into a historic African-American Charleston church and shot and killed nine congregants. His hope was to start a race war, but Moore & Associates is proving he’s done the opposite. The team at communications firm Moore & Associates shared the horror and outrage felt across the country and chose to do […]

Watching Amy Schumer on camera is a similar experience to watching a sex scene in the same room as your boyfriend’s mom. Slightly uncomfortable, definitely weird, but honestly…pretty f*cking hilarious. Everybody’s obsessing over her. She’s not a twig and she doesn’t care. She doesn’t have a filter and she doesn’t care. She defines the purest […]