On May 24, The Washington Post reported the FDA is one step closer to approving Viagra for females. Can we say, ‘Oh Face!’ Is my dream really coming true? Why should guys get to have all the fun, living out their fantasies into old age-I want in on this too! We can bet this new […]


By Russell SimmonsI just had a very blissful experience. Last Thursday, I meditated with 150 students at the Ideal Academy Public Charter School (K-12) in the heart of downtown Washington, D.C. I experienced silence—not just an absence of outer noise—but a deep “inner silence” that activates the brain, solves problems, awakens self-confidence, removes stress, and […]

Being a part of The Biggest Loser makeover show last night was such an amazing experience. Seeing the fight, the drive, and the emotional barriers being broken in order to gain self confidence, love and most importantly to become healthy, was so inspirational. For me to be able to give them something back through music […]


A few major celebs hit up 106 & Park the other day to pay a visit to Terrence and Rocsi. Actress Kerry Washington hit up the BET show to promote her latest project, Mother and Child, a film that hits theaters Friday. Rapper/ singer/ actress Queen Latifah also stopped by to promote her latest film, […]

The Oscar winning actor Denzel Washington is known for his impeccable skills while performing on the silver screen.  Some of his most notable films include  ‘Malcolm X,’ ‘Glory,’ ‘Philadelphia,’ ‘Crimson Tide,’ ‘The Great Debaters’ and his award winning role in ‘Training Day.’ Currently the actor is going back to his roots and hitting the stage. […]


A Qatari diplomat trying to sneak a smoke in an airplane bathroom sparked a bomb scare Wednesday night on a flight from Washington to Denver, with fighter jets scrambled and law enforcement put on high alert, officials said. No explosives were found on the man, and officials do not believe he was trying to harm […]


**UPDATE** D.C. police say a 14-year-old was driving a minivan involved in a drive-by shooting that killed four people and injured five others. The boy has been charged with murder and a family court judge said Wednesday he would be held at a juvenile facility because he is a danger to himself and others, and […]

<p>April 16th -17th isn&rsquo;t to far way there has been numerous reports,websites and paraphernalia spotted around the ATL supporting this Freaknik 2010 movement. But the million dollar question is it going down or all hype like the Dr.Dre&rsquo;s &lsquo;Detox&rsquo; album.</p><p>I am sure the local promoters and clubs would love to have students from historically black […]

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<p>Republicans are doing their best to use Senate procedure to derail the reconciliation bill. And true to form, Republican Sen. Tom Coburn has introduced a few amendments that will be very hard for Democrats to vote against, including no Viagra for sex offenders.</p><p>abortion rears it’s ugly head again but my absolute favorite is the grandfathered […]

<p><strong>Janet Jackson Joins All Star Cast</strong></p><p><em><strong><br /></strong></em></p><p>Clearly Tyler Perry lives by the motto, "the sky is just the beginning," because it seems like once he grabs hold of a project it’s destined for the big screen…</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><em><strong>- A Rocky Williform Company</strong></em></p>

<p><strong>IS OBAMA EVEN A CITIZEN?</strong> <a href=""><img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-5544" title="obamabarry" src=";h=198"&quality=80&strip=all alt="" width="300" height="198" /></a></p><p>Berg&rsquo;s suit claims that not only is Obama not a &ldquo;natural born&rdquo; American, he is not even a citizen of the U.S. Berg had been an outspoken supporter of Hillary Clinton throughout the campaign, sparking speculation of an ulterior motive. […]