Sometimes it’s hard to decide whether or not to give spare cash to the homeless and destitute without first considering what they may do with the cash. At the end of the day, you blessing them is your karma — whatever they do with it is theirs. But what would you do if you saw […]

Kalief Browder’s story is still one of the darkest tales in the history of the American prison system. After committing suicide at just 22 years old, the young man who served three years at Rikers Island (although he was never convicted), received a beautiful posthumous birthday gift this year. On Wednesday, officials announced that a Bronx […]

Believe it or not, a miracle happened this week. A baby boy in Utah was found in the middle of the street, crawling across a 4-lane road, and was completely unharmed when discovered. According to KSL, a driver stopped when they saw the child, but thought it was a plastic bag blowing in the road at […]