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Believe it or not, a miracle happened this week.

A baby boy in Utah was found in the middle of the street, crawling across a 4-lane road, and was completely unharmed when discovered.

According to KSL, a driver stopped when they saw the child, but thought it was a plastic bag blowing in the road at first.

Lt. Dennis Vincent said of the incident:

“As the driver got closer she realized it was a baby crawling across the road in the number one lane,” Vincent said. “She picked the baby up and located a residence where she thought the baby belonged.”

The little boy’s 7-year-old sister answered the door when the driver dropped him off, and the mother was later contacted by police.

Apparently, the whole ordeal started when the little sister took the baby out of his crib and put him outside to play. He eventually wandered beyond the backyard and into the street.

There is currently an investigation going on, but no charges have been filed with the Department of Child and Family Services.

We’re glad the little boy is doing just fine, and we hope the family is more careful in the future.


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