Kwasi Enin, the teen accepted into all eight Ivy League colleges, held a press conference to announce his decision. Enin picked Yale because of their music program and the financial aid package offered. Enin is a first generation Ghanian-American, who worked hard during his high school career. The teen took 11 AP classes, volunteered at a hospital’s radiology […]

So this appalling thing happened. On Saturday night, Frank Phillips, a Knox County Sheriff officer, responded to a party at the University of Tennessee after it became “unruly” and some of the 800 partygoers allegedly began throwing beer bottles. On the scene, Phillips, along with two other officers, grabbed a 21-year-old college student and threw […]

Alex Hribal, the 16-year-old sophomore who terrorized Franklin Regional High School early Wednesday morning in a knife attack, will be charged as an adult for the crime. Hribal went on a rampage at the Pittsburgh-area school, slashing 21 students and one security guard with two 8-inch knives. The attack ended when an administrator tackled the […]

Today in “Stories From Florida,” we have a married father who decided to solicit prostitutes with his toddler in the car and a student who tried to poison his teacher with hand sanitizer. Sex Couldn’t Wait: A Daytona Beach man was arrested after he tried to pick up a prostitute, who was really an undercover […]

A high school student in Duluth, Georgia is facing some harsh punishment after hugging a teacher at Duluth High School. Sam McNair, a 17-year-old senior, has been suspended for one year and will not graduate on time after a school hearing officer determined he violated the Gwinnett County Public Schools’ rules on sexual harassment by hugging […]

A mother who lost her asthmatic son because he couldn’t get to his inhaler fast enough is criticizing the school for confiscating his medicine. Sandra Gibbons of Ontario is speaking out about the school’s zero tolerance policy against asthma inhalers after her 12-year-old son, Ryan, blacked out before he reached the principal’s office where they […]

The family of Texas honor student Robert Cameron Redus is speaking out after his questionable death at the hands of a police officer during a routine traffic stop. The 23-year-old University of the Incarnate Word student was reportedly shot four to six times by police officer Corporal Chris Carter, 35, near the campus after he pulled Redus over for driving “erratically at […]

What a horrible way to start a vacation. Sian Green, a 23-year-old British fashion student was hit by a taxi in NYC yesterday… and had her foot severed in the process. Green had just arrived to New York on Monday night and was out with her best friend Keisha Warren, who were both eating hot dogs […]