A 59-year-old Michigan woman walked into a police station and shot herself to death, according to police. DETAILS: He Has A Name: Rodrigo Abad Diaz Shot Dead After Mistakenly Pulling Into Man’s Driveway!  The woman, Charlotte Jones, was suffering from terminal throat cancer and a note left behind in her pocket explained why she was committing suicide. […]

During internet freedom activist Aaron Swartz‘s funeral, his grieving father made a shocking declaration when he said that his son’s death was more than a suicide. DETAILS: The Curious Case Of Aaron Swartz: Could MIT & The Prosecuting Attorney Be Behind His Death? “He was killed by the government,” his father said during the service in […]

As soon as Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz, 26, was found hanging from a belt in the Brooklyn apartment he shared with his girlfriend, the conspiracy theories started flying. PHOTOS: We Pray! Reddit Cofounder Aaron Swartz Dead At 26 From Suicide  Was it murder? Did he kill himself because he was facing up to 50 years in federal […]

Aaron Swartz, the 26-year-old internet activist who cofounded the social news website Reddit, was found dead of an apparent suicide on Friday in New York City. PHOTOS: SO SAD! Freddy E Allegedly Commits Suicide Over Honey Cocaine Swartz’s attorney confirmed the news to The Tech early Saturday morning: “The tragic and heartbreaking information you received is, […]

The Jackson County Medical Examiner’s office is reporting that Jovan Belcher, linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, had alcohol in his system when he shot his girlfriend and then himself. DETAILS: Say It Ain’t So! Families Of Jovan Belcher & Girlfriend Fighting For Custody Of Daughter!  The autopsy, performed on Dec. 2, showed that Belcher had […]


So St. Patrick’s Day is here and its time to get your green on. Most people get into the spirit with green clothes or accessories, but there are those select few who REALLY get into it, going as far as dying everything around them in an emerald hue. From green rivers to green dogs (and […]