the birds part 1

One of Toronto’s most talented, The Weeknd shared a new track called “The Birds (Part 1),” with his fans last night.  Figuring that his upcoming project is entitled “Thursday,” it’s no surprise that we’re covering this today. It’s safe to say that The Weeknd will probably be sharing his music on Thursdays or at least […]

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‘NOAH has the Funk of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the music energy of Rage Against the Machine, the soul of Marvin Gaye, but still a unique original sound,’ said NME. It’s an accurate description of his music and also directs you towards the varied life he has lived. He toured with a cabaret act […]


Russell Jones, more famolously known as Ol’ Dirty Bastard/Dirt McGirt from the Wu Tang Clan, was most definitely one of hip-hop’s biggest personalities. The Brooklyn rapper, who passed away in 2004, was no stranger to controversy and had his share of hilarious/crazy moments.  MTV’s The Clutch Blog recently unearthed previously unseen clips of ODB filmed […]


Very few artists would say their success happened overnight. It may have just taken one song for them to blow up, but it’s likely that they had been working towards that moment for years. Many emcees start of in their teens – freestyling, battling, writing whenever they can, hustling, trying to make their dream come […]

<p>Dungeon Masta official video for his new single "Free" featuring M.A.R.K. Directed by Max Cavaseno, Edited by G-Clef , Shot by D. Shanks.</p>


<p>This is the new version of Raekwon’s music video for ‘New Wu’. ‘New Wu’ is the first single from Raekwon’s upcoming album ‘Only Built For Cuban Linx II’. Check out all the celebrity pop up’s in this video. Watch it and comment here!</p>


  Of course interviews from Ghostface Killah are always entertaining, but guaranteed, you haven’t seen an interview from Tony Starks quite like this! In a lively round of conversation, Ghost spoke with DJ Whoo Kid and Mandog about several compelling topics, from a Wu-Tang reunion and being locked out of countries, to pimp slap rehab […]

I’m sending this out to a friend of mine – the biggest Wu fan I know. But given the gas prices, food prices, and the recession, I think this song is as relevant as ever.

A new comic book has Method Man as the main character, with the other Wu members making appearances. If you ask me, this was a long time coming. I’m interested to scoop this up.

This is the cover to GZA’s (of the Wu-Tang Clan) next album, Pro Tools. A tracklist and a song from the album are available at the link. He’s always been one of my fav members of the group.