Everyone from Meshell Ndegeocello to Frank Ocean make it plain and simple.

Mesha Caldwell, a black transgender woman, is the first reported trans killing of the new year. According to reports, Caldwell was found dead Wednesday night outside of Canton, Mississippi. The 41-year old was shot and killed by the side of the road, becoming the first reported transgender murder of 2017. Her dear friend, Mary Young, told reporters […]

Boxer Yusaf Mack is learning to embrace his sexuality, thanks to one of our favorite Jenner girls.

Chris Brown struck again. Caitlyn Jenner has faced tons of critics following her beautiful Vanity Fair cover, but we wouldn’t have guessed one of her naysayers would be Chris Brown, who is a friend of her daughters’. He was one of the few celebrities who posted a meme first shared by Snoop Dogg, which praises Akon […]