Vegetarians and V-curious folks gather around! It seems like we have another win on our hands with the announcement of the White Castle Impossible Burger. That’s right, a meatless burger is finally being tested at the major burger chain. The Impossible Burger is made out of wheat (sorry gluten-free folks), potatoes, coconut oil, and heme […]

PETA is getting in on the action after Drake made headlines for switching up his diet and going vegetarian. The animal rights group is not only requesting that OVO’s frontman take things a step further by dissolving his relationship with Canada Goose, they sent him a gift basket full of “Passionfruit” and other vegan treats. Things […]

It seems like everybody who’s anybody is going vegan, and now Beyonce is making it easier for people to be about that lifestyle. The “7/11” singer is joining forces with her personal trainer Marcos Borges to launch a vegan meal delivery program. If you remember, Beyonce and Jay went vegan for 22 days back in 2013, and if you’ve been […]